The epidemic of loneliness in the U.S.A. or why individualism leads to unhappiness
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The epidemic of loneliness in the U.S.A. or why individualism leads to unhappiness


In the era of hyper-individualism America is full speed turning into a lonely nation. According to the recent Complications of Friendship in America research an average American person doesn’t make friends today.

The system of both vertical and horizontal communication is almost perfect in the USA. It’s build on simple but effective etiquette, which let people communicate for years and remain the perfect strangers. But it never must be taken for granted: etiquette kills good interpersonal relations between people. In fact, over a quarter of Americans now live alone, up from 13 percent in 1960 and increasing especially after the Great Recession.

The vaunted individuality, which is being natured in the Americans since childhood, proves that 22% pf the responders don’t have friends or a close person who can be formally called a friend. All these people are not principally familiar with such a concept as collectivity. What future of the United States can we talk about here?  

Wide American white-toothed smile has long been considered an international brand. It’s not an emotion, it’s not even an expression of empathy to the opponent. It’s a compulsory attribute like a neat clothing, an indicator that you’re fine and not going to spoil other people’s mood. This is the behavior the society is demanding from an American person and he tries to be consistent with its expectations even by suppressing the genuine emotions and replacing them with a false smile.

But in this case this smile is a part of the standard politeness, a part of etiquette which makes it possible not to communicate closely with people. In other words, the Americans prefer the existence exclusively in the zone of maximum comfort.

America is a country of refined individualism. The Americans always put their own interests on the first place. It applies not only to global issues, such as politics and business, but also to all life values, down to the smallest details. Americans categorically do not welcome when someone begins to load them with their problems. Today the American psychologists state a real epidemic of loneliness among of young and middle-aged people. This epidemic literally engulfs the country.

American society is designed in such a way that it is much easier to live in it, but the way man is arranged, that rarely anyone can exist absolutely autonomously. Because of this discrepancy, the vast majority of the US citizens are more or less unhappy.

Author: Usa Really