Couple Lives Tiny While Living the Dream
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Couple Lives Tiny While Living the Dream


WEST LINN, OREGON — July 4, 2018

Have you heard the talk that it is becoming impossible for the millennial generation to become homeowners? Perhaps not.

One ingenuous couple has decided to live together in a micro shuttle bus which they converted into a tiny mobile house.

A woman from West Linn and her boyfriend, have turned toward a lifestyle in miniature after becoming fed up with the cost of living in San Francisco, one of America's most expensive cities.

The tiny house has a bed, a library, a fridge, a toilet, and even wood burning stove: plus plenty of storage space.

“We’ve just been traveling around seeing everything and just figuring out who we are as people, what we want in life and how we can build a life after this, and see what that would actually mean for us besides just a 9 to 5, what everybody tells us it should mean,” Whitlock said.

The couple have visited 29 states in their tiny mobile home.

"We were just in Colorado three days ago. We jammed to Portland to spend time with my family, sell Buju, and get our new vehicle for our next adventures." they wrote on their official Facebook page.

Their primary source of income is donations, living only on what fits in the bus and selling the rest.

In addition to travel, they also manage to do charity work, visiting children's homes and homeless shelters, as well as helping with solar energy installations.

While such a lifestyle might seem rather radical to some, this young couple is living proof that it is the small things in life which count.

Author: USA Really