Thousands of Iranian militants attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad Dozens of people injured
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Thousands of Iranian militants attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad Dozens of people injured


Under the chances of “Death to America!”, 6,000 people broke into and occupied the American embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. According to preliminary data, this action was provoked by recent deadly airstrikes from the US Army, in which more than 25 militants died and left dozens of wounded.

President Donald Trump in his tweet, the US President hopes for help from Iraqi law enforcement agencies to de-escalate the conflict.

According to unofficial data, at the time of the attack, the embassy’s security service used tear gas and stun grenades to prevent militants from breaking into the embassy. More than 60 Protestants were injured.

According to confirmed information, ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller was absent during the attack. Later, all other embassy staff were evacuated. To help counter the Iranian militants, the US government sent 100 marines to the scene of the fighting.

As it became known, the whole conflict has become a series of revenge. The United States initially reacted aggressively to the death of an American contractor last week at an American base in Kirkuk, according to unofficial information from the Iranian terrorist organization Kataeb Hezbollah. After this incident, the United States carried out massive airstrikes, taking the lives of dozens of members of this group. Iranian officials reportedly denied the connection between them and the death of the US contractor, but that did not stop the US forces and forced Iraq to accuse the US of “dangerous escalation”.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi on Sunday called the U.S. strikes "a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a dangerous escalation that threatens the security of Iraq and the region," according to Common Dreams.

Later, Donald Trump announced that the embassy was safe, thanking local law enforcement agencies for help and sent a threat to the Iranian government, promising to hold them accountable for this behavior.


Author: Usa Really