Healthcare dictatorship aimed at oppressing working class in USA
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Healthcare dictatorship aimed at oppressing working class in USA


The Lefty Post published an article in which the author again raises the burning topic of the US health care system by removing gloves from the corrupt hands of a handful of billionaires who care only about money, completely forgetting the human lives of the working class.

“Arguably the biggest failure of neoliberal capitalism can be found in our supremely corrupt healthcare industrial complex, where medical drug cartels collude to set artificially high prices for their drugs in order to exponentially grow their profits. This corrupt industry includes the insurance corporations that make out like bandits and enjoy record profits year after year by double and even triple charging sick and desperate working people in need of healthcare.”

Healthcare dictatorship aimed at oppressing working class in USA

Abdi, the author of the article, poses an important question: “What exactly are the billionaires doing with all this accumulated profits, and why do they need to keep accumulating more and more?” And he immediately answers it, telling billionaires to spit on Americans, on their income and health.

“…Mr. Reagan, was always so keen on convincing us that allowing the rich to accumulate wealth will help boost our economy, these heroic “entrepreneurs” are after all, going to be creating jobs for us… right? Well, the billionaire class sure did create a lot of jobs, sadly for you and I, these are few select jobs that only exist to maintain this unfair system that allows the rich continue to grow even richer.”

The following words of the author draw attention to the corruption of the government, which, in collusion with the oligarchs, leads the entire population of the country around the nose and feeds them with empty words about patriotism, while bombarding the Middle East, feeds with fairy tales about the “best” healthcare system, but in fact raises taxes and drug prices, while stuffing their own pockets and not paying a dime to the state budget.

“This means that corruption is fully legal in America, and even glorified and encouraged by some of the more shameless political figures. To maintain their overwhelming power and their lovely extravagant living situations, the billionaire class has a great incentive to keep accumulating immeasurable amounts of wealth. Which subsequently, leads to even more corruption in our political system that benefits the rich even more. It’s a runaway feedback loop, a vicious cycle of accumulation of wealth by the ruling class that we are ultimately paying for as our very low wages go to our expensive healthcare system, high drug prices and increased taxes that fund tax breaks for the rich. Thanks to the political manipulation and passing on costs to the working class, the healthcare industrial complex has contributed greatly to the on-going wealth inequality crisis in America; where 1% of the population owns more wealth than 90% of the American population. There is no justification for this country to be called “free” when we have inequality levels comparable to ancient slave-based societies.”

Healthcare dictatorship aimed at oppressing working class in USA

The article concludes with arguments against the last two presidents, who in one way or another contributed to the oppression of the American people by putting a debt loop on the neck of the Americans. The democrat stuffed the nation with false slogans about peace and stability and at the same time led military operations in the Middle East, he was replaced by a Republican who criticized his predecessor for his intentions to start a war with Iran and did the same a few years later, while enriching the entire American oligarchy.

“It’s a miracle how we, as the American people remain so docile and accepting of these highly offensive wealth extraction tactics used by the billionaire ruling class. It becomes even more shocking when we start to take into account the reduction in the real wages of Americans over the past 40 years and the extreme debt burden that is imposed on us by sky-high student loans, mortgages, rents, inflation of consumer goods, etc.”


“Both of these neoliberal presidents came into power thanks to rising worker anger/anxiety and the growing attractiveness of populism that tricks the uninitiated masses to fall for the fake promises of ‘hope’ and ‘change’. Once the masses realize that Obama and Trump are nothing but employees of the rich oligarchy and have no other purpose but to serve the interests of the billionaire class, they will no longer be pacified and distracted by the political theater force-fed to us by corporate media. The fake populism of hope and change propagated by these presidents help dampen and suppress the massive revolutionary energy bubbling in America today.”

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Author: Usa Really