America Celebrates, but Is the Nation Still Divided?
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America Celebrates, but Is the Nation Still Divided?


WASHNGTON, DC – July 5, 2018

Alfredo Miranda especially for USA Really


July 4th, Independence Day. People celebrated all over the country, from small cities and towns to metropolitan areas, and, of course, Washington, D.C.                          

Amy Jill Brown, Washington, D.C. resident, said that this was the day the US was founded, the day American people recall all the sacrifices that have been made in its wake, so it's very important for all Americans to celebrate the day.

And, of course, there were the official ceremonies: along with the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the parade, President Trump, to commemorate the day, issued a video message via his Twitter account, stating that Americans have always been and always will be one people, one family and one glorious nation under God.

The celebration of the Fourth of July is rooted in the deep-seated patriotism of the majority of Americans, however, many say that the current political situation has divided the country.

Brian Robert Hanson, New York resident, states that the U.S. is divided, and fears that he, as well as American society in general, are losing a number of freedoms – especially, freedom of speech.

Among the controversial issues affecting the political environment right now is Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration, which has led to open confrontation between the current administration and its supporters on the one hand and its political rivals and a great many other Americans on the other.

John Milligan from Virginia told us that Trump's opponents won’t listen to him, no matter what, because they’ve already made up their minds about him, even though the President does a lot of good for the country, according to the opinion of many ordinary Americans.

The day ended with the traditional fireworks display over the National Mall, and yet, despite the celebrations, many Americans wonder what will happen to their country and what direction it's heading in.

Author: USA Really