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Pigs Of War
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Pigs Of War


In the list of tops for the week, a scandal with a cop who wrote his name on a cup and blamed a fast food employee for this, disarmament in the Big Apple and the impending Third World War.

Well, let's start with Kansas, the city where a fucking pig in a police uniform wound up. A funny fact, the name of this pig was never disclosed. Despite the fact that this guy intentionally provoked a scandal from nothing, so now nothing prevents him from changing his place of work, because still no one knows what his name is.

The story has calmed down, but imagine that it would be if a simple white guy wrote it on a black cop's cup. The media would immediately dig up his entire biography and trumpeted his white superiority, mental connection with Hitler and worship of Satan.

Speaking of Hitler, an interview with Linda Ronstadt, who called Donald Trump a Nazi leader and the Mexicans as new Jews, made a lot of noise recently. In some points, you can agree with her.

For example, the fact that Trump is starting a war with Iran. And yes, he takes revenge on the Americans who died at the hands of Iranian militants, but just understand that they would be alive if they had not been sent there “in the name of democracy” of course, well, they tell us that, although in fact because of money and power, but it's a trifle right?

the American army bombed Iran, then they answered it by attacking the embassy in Iraq, while there were no losses from the United States, there was no destruction either, they broke the door, several windows and draw all over the walls.

Trump decided that the time had come for decisive action and, under the guise of an anti-terrorist operation, killed the Iranian militia general, branded him a terrorist. The motive is clear, Soleimani killed the Americans, but in Iran!

For clarity, let's imagine the opposite situation: the Middle East Army arrives in the United States, demands oil, the United States refuses to pay and in exchange kills an Iranian soldier, then Iran screams around the world that it’s a terrorist attack and kills the US Army General, and then calls him a terrorist, because he planned to expel the invaders from the United States.

By the way, while the war with Iran is in full swing, everyone has already forgotten about impeachment, it's like with magicians, while everyone looks at what they are shown in one hand, all the most interesting happens behind the back of the showman.

Continuing the theme of tricks and searching for absurd threats, this week the TikTok app was officially recognized as a national threat and US soldiers are forbidden to install this on government devices. Well, at least they did not start fighting with China.

By the way, information appeared that Iran is resuming its nuclear program. And the Americans started asking questions like “why can Iran have nuclear weapons, and the US government is trying by all means to seize the firearm from its own people?”

There is also news on the subject of disarmament. This time the UN distinguished itself. Their branch in New York began to form special squads about which there is experience in disarmament and demobilization. And they plan to do this in the United States.


Author: Usa Really