The US began to kill politicians and the militarists of other countries long before Soleimani
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The US began to kill politicians and the militarists of other countries long before Soleimani


Prior to the assassination of the popular and respected Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, the United States multiple times violated international law and eliminated politicians and militarists of foreign powers that tried to counter the influence of the United States or American corporations. Only earlier, Washington did this not so insolent and openly, but preferred to act by the forces of special services or by the hands of its foreign puppets. More details in the material of the Federal Agency of News.

Evil record of US

There is every reason to argue that the United States has set an evil record for the number of successful and failed assassinations of heads of state, foreign high-ranking officers and opposition leaders. It is known that only on the long-term Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the CIA has made more than 638 assassination attempts. Obviously, Fidel was incredibly lucky to die at the age of 90, but his faithful comrade-in-arms Ernesto Che Guevara could not escape the barbaric reprisals from the United States.

A similar fate befell the first legally elected Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo, Patrice Lumumbu, who wanted to nationalize industry and remove Western extractive industry companies from developing Congolese mineral deposits. US President Dwight Eisenhower personally "put a contract" on the Lumumba's head to the head of CIA Allen Dulles, which was carried out by a detachment of Belgian hired executioners.

The US began to kill politicians and the militarists of other countries long before Soleimani

Among the victims of American international criminal activity are Chilean President Salvador Allende and Chilean High Commander Rene Schneider, Dominican leader Rafael Trujillo, Panamanian President and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces Omar Torrijos, Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos.

Despite the simulated idolization of the law and widespread calls for respect for international law, the United States never disdain of wiping the floor with the UN statute and resolution. High-profile murder for the US political elite is the same natural means to achieve their goals, like for an ordinary gangster gang.

In fact, for the “beacon of world democracy" international law is a set of optional rules that are developed for other "dependent" countries to manipulate them in easier way. When it comes to the interests of the United States, all treaties and charters, declarations and conventions on human rights are instantly sent to the garbage can.

Elimination of the unwelcomes

Today, more and more facts are surfacing about the bloody "Condor" operation - the US clean-up operation of Latin American countries from the pro-Soviet socialist-minded opposition in the 1970s and 80s. The operation was carried out under the personal control of a famous American diplomat and official Henry Kissinger.

The US began to kill politicians and the militarists of other countries long before Soleimani

The CIA, through its channels, identified Latin American socialists and turned them in to pro-American dictatorial regimes in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Upon the demand of the American government, 400 thousand Latinos were imprisoned and tortured, 50 thousand were killed, 30 thousand were missing.

Murder excuse

It is noteworthy that the American media, both liberal and conservative, are not at all discussing the legality and legitimacy of the murder of a serious military leader of a foreign power, a well-known fighter against terrorism and a reputed figure in the Shiite world. CNN and Fox News, The Washington Post and The New York Times are competing over who will find a more sophisticated excuse for wanton violation of international law.

Of course, some journalists and TV hosts express fear of the possible consequences and revenge of Iran. However, virtually no one doubted the "moral right" of the United States to commit a brutal attack without a trial. Tacit approval of such actions by the American media means a possible repetition of such a scenario in the near future.

Author: Andrey Aglaumov

Author: Usa Really