Unidentified man burned an effigy of Donald Trump
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Unidentified man burned an effigy of Donald Trump


The incident occurred yesterday in Slovenia, a two-faced statue of US President Donald Trump was destroyed by one or more unknown persons. The mayor of Moravce, Milan Balazic associated this act with “intolerance toward artistic projects in our society”, despite the fact that locals on the eve of Halloween intended to burn the “art object” they hated.

Introducing the current US president as the Statue of Liberty, project author Tomaz Schlegl said, “Like all populists, the statue has two faces. One is humane and nice, the other is that of a vampire,” according to The Guardian.

Slovenia is the birthplace of Trump's wife, Melania Trump (maiden name Knauss). Earlier, a statue of Melania Trump appeared in the city of Sevnica, carved from wood, and a few months later her “husband” made her a couple, but due to numerous threats to destroy the statue, local authorities moved Trump's effigy to another city, where it was burned yesterday.

Unidentified man burned an effigy of Donald Trump

According to official information, two days before the “successful” burning, another attempt was made to destroy the statue. But the "used too little oil" arsonists and the scarecrow were only slightly affected from the front, local Media24 news reports.



Author: Usa Really