New York cop escapes jail for perjury
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New York cop escapes jail for perjury


It's no secret that the judicial system always shuts off guilty cops. On Wednesday, a Brooklyn policeman was released "in peace" despite open sworn lies and undeniable evidence against him.

34-year-old Michael Bergmann came of 4 years of probation for perjury in an attempt to apprehend a possible suspect. In his testimony, Bergmann said that a man whose name was not disclosed nearly knocked down two police officers.

During the investigation, the court received video from Bergmann's and his partner bodycameras, which clearly shows that the alleged offender did not make any movements towards the officers and that all the words of the policeman were false.

“This defendant, a former police officer, admitted to the disturbing conduct of falsely charging an individual with a crime he did not commit,” said District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, according to Brooklyn Daily Eagle. “Our communities and our criminal justice system rely on the integrity and truthfulness of police officers, so we must hold accountable those who abuse their positions and violate the public trust.”

According to the testimony of the convicted policeman, he stood in front of the car at the moment of movement and managed to avoid injuries only by jumping to the side. In his lawsuit, Bergmann, as evidence, provided abrasions on his hands, allegedly from falling.

The incident occurred in February last year, after 3 months the prosecutor's office got access to video evidence and after another six months Bergmann confessed to giving false evidence. On Wednesday, Judge Danny Chun convicted the defendant of two counts of perjury, one count of making a false statement and one count of official misconduct.





Author: Usa Really