Amazon sold fecal stained diapers to a New Jersey woman
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Amazon sold fecal stained diapers to a New Jersey woman


You need to be very careful when buying goods with a good discount on Amazon, because as a "bonus" you can get human feces along with diapers for the baby.

This is exactly what happened when a woman ordered two packs of diapers for her one and a half year old daughter.

"I picked up the diapers and it was a little bit heavy. I was half asleep and the lights were off. At that point, I turn on the light and that's when I noticed these diapers are neatly-folded and they are soiled," Sales told ABC’s Philadelphia station WPVI.

According to the victim, she bought them at a big discount, because the box was opened and returned. But no one expected to see used diapers.

“Sales said that she immediately disinfected the nursery and wiped down her 19-month-old daughter with rubbing alcohol as soon as she made the discovery,” told woman, according to ABCNews.

Amazon has launched an internal investigation into the incident.

“[they are] in contact with the customer to make it right,” said an official statement obtained by WPVI.





Author: Usa Really