60 civilians in Afghanistan fall victim to “Democratic airstrike”
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60 civilians in Afghanistan fall victim to “Democratic airstrike”


While the US was “sowing democracy” by bombing the Middle East, simultaneously depleting oil reserves of Iran and Iraq, more than 60 civilians were killed or maimed after an American drone attack.

According to Aljazeera, NATO, under the auspices of Washington, has committed another “peacekeeping act”, killing the Taliban commander, named as Mullah Nangyalay and more than six dozen innocent people.

“Resolute Support, NATO’s mission in Afghanistan, told AFP news agency it launched “a defensive air strike in support of Afghan forces”, with a spokesman confirming US participation in the operation.”

At the moment, the Afghan government has launched an investigation, although at the same time a senior provincial police source said that the US drone carried out the bombing.

"According to the people, over 60 civilians were killed and wounded in the operation," Toryalai Tahiri, deputy head of Herat provincial council, told Afghan local media TOLO News.

According to official information, for more than a year now, the Taliban have been trying to agree on the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, but instead of peace talks, it receives airstrikes and dozens of victims.


Author: Usa Really