The doctor did not accept a woman with chest pain for several hours and she died while waiting
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The doctor did not accept a woman with chest pain for several hours and she died while waiting


A 25-year-old resident of Milwaukee died at the entrance to the hospital without receiving medical attention. African-American Tashonna Ward went to the hospital with chest pain and shortness of breath, but instead of providing help, the doctors made her wait several hours and did not even examine her.

According to official information, the cause of death is still being investigated. It is known that Ward came to Froedtert Hospital on January 2, after a couple of hours and several Facebook posts, the woman decided to leave the hospital in search of emergency care.

Having taken several steps, she down to earth and, without regaining consciousness, was urgently taken to intensive care, where death was called.

"How can you triage someone with shortness of breath and chest pain, and stick them in the lobby?" Ward's cousin, Andrea Ward, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Froedtert needs to change their policy."

A study published in 2015 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information confirmed that racial differences among patients directly affect their waiting times for doctors, Blavity News reports. According to studies, white patients spend 16 minutes fewer colored patients waiting for a doctor.

“On average, black patients experienced significantly longer mean ED wait times than white patients (69.2 vs 53.3 minutes; P < .001). In the multivariate model, black patients did not experience significant different wait times for the 2 most urgent severity categories; black patients experienced increasingly longer waits vs nonblack patients for the 3 least urgent severity categories (14.7%, P < .05; 15.9%, P < .05; 29.9%, P < .001, respectively).”

“CONCLUSION: Racial disparity in ED wait times between black and nonblack patients exists, and the size of the disparity is more pronounced as illness severity decreases. We do not find a racial disparity in wait times for critically ill patients.”




Author: Usa Really