“Free the Nipple” Nudist Case Not Reviewed by US Supreme Court
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“Free the Nipple” Nudist Case Not Reviewed by US Supreme Court


"Free the Nipple" mission ended in the US Supreme Court. Three women filed an appeal after receiving fines for exposing their breasts to the public at New Hampshire, but the court did not heed the constitutional equal rights of women and men.

A lover of topless yoga on the beach, Heidi Lilley received a suspended $ 100 due to a violation of the law prohibiting public nudity. Following Lilley, two other activists of the “Free the Nipple” movement, Kia Sinclair and Ginger Pierro, who tried to defend the rights of all women, faced the same punishment.

Women alluded to the right of men to go naked, while the female part of the population does not have such an opportunity and, moreover, is financially punishable.

“They were arrested and prosecuted as women for doing what any man may lawfully do,” the women wrote in their petition to the high court, according to The Hill. “For being both topless and female in public, each was convicted of violating an ordinance criminalizing the public exposure of her ‘female breast.’”


“The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that the ordinance did not discriminate against women, noting that it bars nudity of both men and women. The different definition of what constitutes nudity is based on “the traditional understanding of what constitutes nudity,” that court concluded,” reports Reuters.

The controversial struggle for gender equality was extremely coldly received by the public. Many Americans believe that male and female bodies differ and within the framework of decency, women should leave “private places” private.



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Author: Usa Really