A Specter Has Fallen Upon the Dominican Community in the USA
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A Specter Has Fallen Upon the Dominican Community in the USA


A fearsome blow to the prestige and personal honor of Dominicans worldwide has taken place.

The act that has caused this is the horrendous and bloody murder of 15 year old Dominican-American, Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz by 8 young violent thugs, stunningly also of Dominican descent. This shocking murder took place on June 20, 2017 at 11:37 at night.

A murder that took place in the Bronx.

A Specter Has Fallen Upon the Dominican Community in the USA

In NYC, Boston, Newark and Miami where the largest Dominican diaspora reside, heads hang low and hearts are heavy with a collective sadness&shame, since the murderers were of our own kith and kin (now disowned).                             

Dominicans mostly known for baseball, sultry merengue music, great rum and cigars, (very good cigars) are now notorious for a savage spate of violence within their community and at large.

Dominicans known as well as hard workers, business and family oriented have now had that positive image of their community shattered.

Local South Florida Dominican community leader Leonel Peña described this event as; “a despicable thing that has caused the community to become mournful, this savage act done by fellow citizens”.

As usual events like these means that the violence has finally spiraled out of control and is now evident for all to see. 

This now adds to the ever growing hostile climate regarding unprecedented migration that is increasingly taking place all over the Western World in general and the USA in particular, where now the Trump administration is stubbornly trying to impose order where there previously was none. 

The quasi socialist regime of Barak Obama for 8 years granted large amounts of visas to Dominican nationals and now many cities on the east coast host a large Dominican diaspora for good or ill.

Small towns and villages on the island are now nearly empty of their former inhabitants since many of them have relocated to the USA, many to the Bronx in particular, (where rents are low and crime thrives, many live 5 to a one bedroom apartment at times), sadder still for the fact that many of these communities existed on the island for more than half a millennia and are now gone, never to return.

This large scale immigration does not allow the new arrivals to properly assimilate and creates alternate communities, this is something that is inherently unstable and unsustainable as the vile murder of Junior attests, since his murderers don’t even speak English correlating this as the same problem Europe has with it’s own out of control migration.  Obama (like Merkel’s) induction of thousands of migrants was multiculturalism and open borders run amok.  Plus it strips the native country of citizens, a land of it’s people, a human resource that could contribute to that country in the future.

The hypothesis that this is not sustainable is largely evident in the fact that when these criminals were caught and taken to court almost all of them were in dire need of an interpreter to be able to understand the judge and proceedings in English, since most of them as mentioned are only fluent in Spanish.

Why weren’t these boys in Night School to improve their language skills, instead of being vandals?

Where were their parents?

Why didn’t the community have more involvement other than filming the murder as the poor boy bled to death?

In Miami there is a large core of middle class Dominicans. 

Many of them son’s and daughters of top families from DR now living in dazzling towers on Brickell ave, or Midtown and plush town homes in Doral, tony neighborhoods. 

The not so prestigious will live in more urban inner city Allapatah.

The Dominican community in South Florida is much quieter and tamer than the one further north.  Sadly many of them in South Florida as far as the youth is concerned lean heavily democrat and so called progressive causes, which will compel them in the future to attempt to vote in socialist liberal politicians who will be soft on crime and willing to increase taxes.

This put’s them in opposition to the Republican majority Cuban Community that voted for Trump and is tough on crime and demands lower taxes.

The older part of the Dominican diaspora is though quietly becoming more Republican due to the successes of Donald Trump, since Dominicans by nature are mostly conservative.

This means that Dominicans are very pro law and order and that is one of the many reasons they leave our country (where the writers of this article hail from) due to instability and crime waves that have surfaced once again due to the policies and corruption of the current leftwing government that holds complete political sway in the island nation.

A Specter Has Fallen Upon the Dominican Community in the USA

It seems that the crime wave has followed them to USA.              

The crime wave is carried out mostly by the Trinitarios a rough and ready Dominican gang with an international presence reaching all the way to Europe.

Their feats have been recorded on Youtube, where they meet out street justice with machete and shanks at the ready.

Aside from the footage concerning Junior, there is also another video of a group of young Trinitarios stomping on a young man due to a conflict with his girlfriend.

The gang violence seems to be out of control and the people want action to stop it.

Yet the action many are calling for cause consternation that this may unleash Trump’s crusade against illegal immigration in the very heart of NYC and other cities Miami amongst them.

That if the violence get’s too out of hand local law enforcement will give way to federal authorities stepping in.

This is the view, the fear in migrant communities of hispanic or latino origin in the USA with an inordinate amount of individuals with an irregular resident status, however their fear of the crime wave is also real and that is the crux of the matter.

After the cruel slaughter of Lesandro Guzman Feliz (Junior), a 15 year old boy, son of Dominican immigrants, which occurred on Wednesday night, June 20, 2018.  Vigils were held, Dominican star, CardiB donated 8 thousand dollars, the police set up a fund in his name.

The community finally awoke.

Yet machetes and knives, savagely used with deadly intent in what is called the greatest city in the world, these were the tools needed to finally awaken said community that something was wrong.

The worst part of it all is that this act occurred within the confines of a bodega, located on East,183 street, between Bathgate avenue, in Belmont, which is or was known as an Italian area.

The Bodegas are the mini markets that Dominicans have set up in the North Eastern states of the USA, similar to the Colmadones that they have in their neighborhoods back in Dominican Republic.

In these Bodegas, people can obtain, sweets, booze and food.  These are also informal gathering places for the people where you can catch a drink and socialize.  Inspite of this no one around offered the poor kid any aid, yet plenty of people did film the damn thing which went viral in a hop, skip and a dip.

Up until now there are nearly almost 150,000 views or more under the #justiceforjunior on twitter and instagram.

So, savagery, brutality and insensitivity against and innocent, in plain view of all, where mom’s, children and laborers go to and fro to shop at and they just watched.

The bodegas owners also knew Junior, his mother stated they watched him grow up and then they just went ahead and watched him die.

This is a sad and tragic event, and is only the tip of the iceberg with regards to the often ignored phenomenon of gangs composed of immigrants and the children of immigrants.

These are young hispanics in general, in this case Dominicans in particular.

Some have adopted the name “Trinitarios”.  This was the name of a group of heroic freedom fighters that fought for the independence of the Dominican Republic from Haiti.  However in this case, there is nothing heroic about these new Trinitarios, since they were the butchers of young Junior.

This is a case in which the leftist policies of the NYC mayors office are confronting the hard realities of the ground.

Once again NYC is beginning to feel a surge in violence that was believed to have ended in the late 80’s.

The gang members didn’t care that there were cameras, in the heat of the moment they saw people filming and continued to slash and hack away at the body of the poor boy.

These gangs went from simple corner dealers on the streets of NYC all the way down to Miami, to now evolve into a ghetto facsimile of African American thug life or imitation italian style mafia.  One cannot forget that the initial major mafias or gangs were Jewish, Irish and Italian way back in 1869 and that now as those groups lost cohesiveness in the city and moved upward on the social scale, assuming a more upper class lifestyle have now ceded the streets of the hood to the current crop of young toughs.

Before it was shiny suits and tommy guns, now it’s flashy sneakers and a shiv or a machete as the weapon of choice.

Of course the Trinitarios are not the only Dominican gang, there is also Dominicans Don’t Play and a host of others, we can’t be unfair here now.

This violence hits so close to home since it deals with Dominicans or Dominos as we call each other.

The Mexicans, Colombians, and Salvadorans have their own crews which have been the main protagonists in the gang scene for awhile but now that the cancer has spread to the Domino community, it’s an indication that the community has deep seated problems in existence within it’s core.

These problems were much abated during the Republican Giuliani mayorship that crushed crime everywhere in the city and helped spur the true renaissance of the great metropolis.

The Di Blasio mayorship and the Bloomberg one prior to that were and are leftist entities dujour and these have defanged the police departments who had pretty much clamped down on crime.

So in spite of the fact that jobs are indeed numerous in the city and surrounding areas.  The youths of immigrant parents in some cases still feel disaffected and fearful in their hoods.

You only join a gang if you feel fear, you associate with other toughs when you feel weak.

So now the Dominican community is fearful that the violence will come roaring back, since they are the major victims of it as poor Junior’s murder clearly demonstrates. 

There is also a fear as previously mentioned that the Trump administrations migration policies will now zero in on them as they have on the Central American communities due to the actions of their own MS-13, which POTUS Trump rightfully called “animals”.

The Dominican community is somewhat divided now with regards to which response to take, since their are those who want to reach out and help the youths that are also in danger of being lost, more aid, social services and counselors.

There is another part of the community that wants the literal heads of all the gang bangers on a spike and would not mind if the Trump administration took a hard and harsh line against any and all malefactors, locking them up away and throwing away the key or deporting them forever and a day.

Yet for the most part everyone is of one mind that there needs to be an exemplary form of punishment met out to the Trinitarios. 

Junior’s blood demands it.

This also is an indication of the opposites within the community.

Junior was a good kid and those like him are a majority, he was a police explorer (trainee/volunteer) and would in the future perhaps have been involved in law enforcement, he was friends with a girl in the explorers program who is the sister of a gang member and allegedly falsely accused Junior of being the person who filmed, then posted her in the midst of a lewd sexual act on Youtube, this alleged video is the reason why these animals went for the boy in a misplaced sense of youthful revenge.

Stranger yet, messages from the Old Gangsters in the higher echelons of the Triniatario leadership later sent a message by text to the mother of the deceased, stating; “We know it won’t mean much, but it wasn’t supposed to be him”.

Gee thanks, now we all feel so much better.  So not only are you thugs but your moronic thugs too?

A Specter Has Fallen Upon the Dominican Community in the USA

His was the face (Junior’s) of the thousands of young Dominicans who go to school, stay out of trouble, go to work and do the right thing building a life, a real life in their adopted country and become a success.

Yet there is another face, the one of the angry, violent and lost child that becomes a gang banger lowlife and like Trump said about Ms-13 is nothing worse than an “animal”.

A Specter Has Fallen Upon the Dominican Community in the USA

Like we’ve stated the Trump administration, as well as the media might now put the Dominican community under much tighter scrutiny.  Dominicans in the USA suffer high numbers of deportation due to high crime rates back to Dominican Republic and now this might even increase despite cries from Migrant Rights activists and agitators, who might not raise a finger to help so tarnished a group.

The community or rather gang members from the community might even be listed alongside MS-13 as a national security priority.

More visas could be denied to island Dominicans, ironic being how pro-American Dominicans actually are. In South Florida the members of other communities are aghast at the coldheartedness of the Hispanic Bodega owner (Modesto Cruz), pictured above.

Cubans, Boricua’s (Puerto Ricans) and Venezuelans are deeply offended at the harm inflicted on the poor boy while the Bodega owners idly stood by, doing nothing even after the murderous rampage had ceased and the boy battered, bloodied and bruised went back into the store seeking some compassion, some mercy, aid and comfort, none of which those coA Specter Has Fallen Upon the Dominican Community in the USAld hearted bastards had the decency to offer.

They claim that they would also have suffered the wrath of the Trinitarios.  Ironically they are now suffering the wrath of the local authorities and the community for being cowards. 

The store is currently closed and facing calls for it’s complete closure by two council members due to the utter outrage of well, simply everybody.

A Specter Has Fallen Upon the Dominican Community in the USA

All the Bodega owners had to do was lock the door and dial 911, yet they couldn’t even do that and in South Florida the howls against this outrage also continue to flow on the Spanish Language TV networks AmericaTeve, Telemundo and Univision.

AM and FM radio stations in Miami talk about the issue, among them on Leonel Peña’s show “Los Embajadores”on 101.9 FM y 1450 AM speaking of how unbelievable that this murder could take place and the owner of the Bodega despite being Latino did nothing to stop  “the fury of tthis diabolical gang.”

Florida has a Stand Your Ground self defense law in place and many are armed, these drives liberals and lefties crazy, the fact that you can actually carry a gun around and can defend yourself.  Undoubtedly at least two or all of the Trinitarios would have ended up with a bullet as a souvenir if that attack had happened in Miami, poor Junior might even be alive.

In South Florida the Dominican community is definitely middle class and not as crime ridden as that in the Northeast but there are indeed bad apples.

The Trinitarios have a presence in the city but not like in New York or Boston which are under progressive or so-called liberal mayorships, which as mentioned are softer on crime.

In Miami, the city is as we have explained before a solid Republican stronghold and crime is rapidly crushed.

With all this being said, the Dominican Community in the USA must begin to do some deep soul searching. How can a group of immigrants that are so hardworking and with actually one of the highest rates of college enrollment have these beasts roaming within it?

As fellow Dominos we can only beseech our compatriots to seek out those values that endowed to us by our Creator compel us to do good, to carry out a change our people clearly need, among them;

Humility against pride, Kindness against envy, Abstinence against gluttony, Chastity against lust, Patience against anger, Liberality against greed, and Diligence against sloth.

These are also mentioned in the Good Book, perhaps now is the time that these timeless truths are revisited and instilled despite the cynicism and moral relativity of the Left, which breeds the societies where a group like the Trinitarios can thrive.

Let us not forget poor Junior and that his sad death may spur us on to reach out and take back our communities fate.



Author: Fernando Antonio Martinez Arauxo , Manuel Miranda