The DEA takes away from the old man all the funds raised for life simply because they can do it
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The DEA takes away from the old man all the funds raised for life simply because they can do it


The 79-year-old Terry Rolin, who has survived four financial crises in the United States over the past two decades, has never trusted either the banking system or the US authorities, and it turns out not in vain.

According to reports from The Washington Post and The Seattle Times, Americans have reason to think about the methods used by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to rob their own citizens.

This sob story unfolds at the Pittsburgh airport. Terry Rolin's daughter, Rebecca Brown, put more than 82 thousand dollars in her hand luggage and at the time when she went through the next security checkpoint, one of the security officers stopped her for further interrogation.

Due to age, Rolin was worried about such a significant amount and therefore for the sake of safety he gave them to his daughter. During the interrogation of father and daughter, TSA employees discovered discrepancies, and it was at that moment that an elderly man lost his rights to his own money.

“He just handed me the phone and said, ‘Your stories don’t match,’” Brown recalled the agent saying.” ‘We’re seizing the cash, ’“ reports The Seattle Times.

In view of the fact that neither Brown nor Rolin committed any illegal actions, and, as reported, they were not even suspected of anything illegal. The family sued the authorities, who allegedly robbed law-abiding Americans.

The Seattle Times reports:

“Brown and Rolin filed a federal, class-action lawsuit Wednesday against the DEA, Transportation Security Administration and agency officials, claiming the agencies violate the Constitution’s ban on unlawful search and seizures by taking cash from travelers without probable cause. The lawsuit claims the only criteria the DEA has for seizing cash is if it finds amounts greater than $5,000.”

“The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Pennsylvania, seeks the return of Rolin’s money and an injunction against the practice.”

Realizing the absurdity of laws that are aimed not only at preventing drug trafficking in the United States, but also at robbing in broad daylight of ordinary law-abiding citizens, the TSA and DEA declined to comment on this incident.

“We can’t comment on ongoing litigation,” said Katherine Pfaff, a DEA spokeswoman.

“As a matter of policy, TSA does not comment on pending litigation,” TSA spokeswoman Jenny Burke wrote in an email to The Seattle Times.







Author: Usa Really