Washington firefighters embroiled in scandal over “Ok” gesture
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Washington firefighters embroiled in scandal over “Ok” gesture


Conspiracy supporters who created the hype around the OK sign, supposedly an acronym for WP aka White Power, have now launched an internal investigation against a detachment of firefighters.

"The department has immediately initiated an interview review of the photograph, which may include interviews with everyone pictured in the photograph," D.C. Fire and EMS chief communications officer Doug Buchanan said, according to Washington's WUSA-TV.

A photo surfaced on the social media in which several people folded their fingers in the form of this symbol. Until the details of the investigation are disclosed, it is assumed that this is simply a “circle game” according to the rules of which, whoever sees this gesture should get a blow on the shoulder.


“The photo shows several members of Recruit Class 387 and their instructors. The class graduated in April 2019. The photo is believed to have been taken in March 2019, the statement added,” reports Fox News.

As we previously reported, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) ranked this sign as hate symbols.

“The finger-and-thumb OK sign is known as a sign showing that everything is alright or approving something. But ADL considers this sign as a sign expressing the hate co-opted my alt-rights.”





Author: Usa Really