A man “hacked” one of the Portland airport monitors to play video games
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A man “hacked” one of the Portland airport monitors to play video games


An unusual incident occurred at a terminal in Portland Airport. One of the travelers, bored in the waiting area, decided to use the monitor for flight information as a screen for his Play Station 4.

This was reported by Portland airport spokesperson Kama Simonds to KXL FM News 101 on Thursday.

"Airport officials urge people not to do this, and say it highlights the addictive nature of screens and video games."

Around 4:30 in the morning, the man “replaced” the airport map with a video game. After some time, a security officer noticed this and asked to disconnect the console from the monitor.

“That is obviously something that we don’t want to have happened,” Simonds told the radio host, “Because travelers need the information that we are putting on the screens for them.”

According to Simonds, the player kindly asked to complete his game, but received a negative answer.

“Apparently it was a very polite and cordial interaction,” Simonds said.

No fines were reported on the man.

Listen to the full interview with KXL’s Jacob Dean and Port of Portland’s Kama Simonds here.

Author: Usa Really