Transgender who has earned a reputation on the scandal with "wax" and "balls" can get 5 years in prison for assault
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Transgender who has earned a reputation on the scandal with "wax" and "balls" can get 5 years in prison for assault


The infamous man who thinks he is a woman, Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv revealed his face like a bully who is able to attack a person on the street with a camera.

Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte on Monday filmed the moment of the attack. It is reported that a civil lawsuit has already been filed. According to the law, if Yaniv’s guilt will be proven in court, he / she can go to jail for five years.

Reporters David Menzies and Keean Bexte are both victims of the Yaniv attacks. The plaintiffs declared war, intending to hold the unprotected layers of the population harmless from attacks by a transgender who is hiding under the status of “sex minorities”, whom the law enforcement and judicial systems are so afraid to offend.

“Suing Yaniv is about self-respect, and it’s about deterring a serial harasser. Most of Yaniv’s victims didn’t know how to fight back — they were new immigrant women who didn’t have access to justice and possibly didn’t even know they could sue him,” stated Rebel News.


 Earlier, Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv gained popularity due to an incident in a beauty salon in which the immigrant working there refused to “wax his ball” because he is a man, and this procedure is only for women. Immediately after this, the trans-community flared up in fury for immigrants. Yaniv filed a lawsuit against the salon, interpreting the refusal to provide an intimate procedure as something transphobic or even gender discrimination.

“Yaniv is out of control — and the courts and police continue to cover for him. If this is how he abuses people when he knows cameras are rolling, one can only imagine what he does to those poor immigrant women he corners in their waxing salons. He’s a bully — but only because the courts and cops are afraid of being called ‘transphobic’. No single person, however, is doing more to discredit the trans political agenda than this predator, who is so obviously gaming the system,” Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant told the Gateway Pundit following the attack.






Author: Usa Really