5-year-old girl asks for help while two bullies hit and push her in a school bus: VIDEO
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5-year-old girl asks for help while two bullies hit and push her in a school bus: VIDEO


The incident occurred last November in Dallas. A little girl, while traveling on a school bus, was bullied by two older children. The video shows that the girl repeatedly asks the driver to protect her, but he ignores it.

Video footage from November 11 shows how two hooligans grabbed, pushed, stabbed with a pencil and strangled a defenseless girl for almost 15 minutes. After several futile attempts to fight back, the baby burst into tears.

The mother of the victim, Audrey Billings, appealed to the Dallas Independent School District with a request to dismiss the bus driver, who allowed other children to humiliate her daughter, as well as make radical changes to the domestic policy to prevent bullying.

“I was devastated, I cried,” Billings told CNN on Thursday.

According to Billings, in addition to what she experienced by viewing the recordings, she was also required to pay $ 600 for the video.

“When she asked to be sent videos for multiple days she was told she would need to pay $600 to have each one redacted, Billings said, according to


“Dallas ISD has taken steps to improve our transportation services to further ensure the safety of students. The district has provided additional training and monitoring. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for all students and remain committed to meeting the expectations of our parents and community.” Dallas ISD spokeswoman Robyn L. Harris said in a statement.

According to the latest information, both bullies were disciplined in accordance with school rules, the bus driver was also suspended from work.




Author: Usa Really