Iowa releases convicted pedophile after gender reassignment
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Iowa releases convicted pedophile after gender reassignment


The Iowa State Attorney’s Office intends to release a convicted sex offender with 15 children on the list of victims because they do not consider him a threat after gender transition.

Joseph Matthew Smith (Josie) was first convicted in 2012 in the second degree sexual abuse. Since then, Smith has molested another 14 children between the ages of 1 and 13 for two years. His last crime dates back to 2014.

In 2015, Smith was sentenced to prison. After some time, the prisoner “felt” an irresistible attraction to the male sex and already in October 2017 requested a gender transition, the Storm Lakes Times reported.

According to court documents, the Attorney General’s Office dismissed an application seeking to commit Smith on January 9th.

Attorney general spokesman Lynn Hicks later stated that testosterone levels directly affect the possibility of backslide, in the case of Smith, lower rates indicate that it is not harmful to society.

“We don’t believe we have evidence sufficient to prove Josie Smith has a significant chance of reoffending,” Hicks said, according to Pluralist.

At the moment, the exact release date of the pedophile is not reported. Joseph Matthew Smith is currently being held at a Sioux City residential facility center.


Image: Buena Vista County Jail

Author: Usa Really