A polling of protesters at the "Women's March" showed that activists do not know "what a woman is"
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A polling of protesters at the "Women's March" showed that activists do not know "what a woman is"


The recent Women's March in Washington, DC was followed by a survey of activists on femininity and what it really means for most. But, as expected, some activists "rebelled", guided by flocking instinct, accusations against the president and gender inequality.

According to PJ Media, the Colson Center's Joseph Backholm personally engaged in a survey of women, trying to find out the true motivation of activists, received a lot of ambiguous answers to the question "what a woman is".

Below are some protesters' answers to Backholm’s question “How would you define what a woman is?”

"I think a woman is anything that she wants to be defined as".

"A woman is love and strength and power".

Another activist holding a portrait of US President Donald Trump with the words "cruel," "liar," "racist," "sexist", could only answer "She's an individual."

"I think a woman is someone who chooses to express themselves … can be in the feminine way but also can be in the non-binary way as well".

The vast majority who came to the rally claimed that any person can be a woman, regardless of gender. According to some, it’s enough to just think (identify) that you are a woman, completely ignoring the biological factor.

“These women are confused due to the transgender movement, which teaches that a person's psychological identity overrides his or her biological sex. Although many people do suffer with gender dysphoria, the condition of identifying with the gender opposite their biological sex, maleness and femaleness are determined down to the level of DNA — and men and women have different physiologies throughout their lives, beginning in the womb,” Written by PJ Media author, Tyler O'Neil.


Author: Usa Really