Orlando Police Officer Beats Suspect Only for Step Forward
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Orlando Police Officer Beats Suspect Only for Step Forward


Orlando Police Officer, Corp. Frank Sikos, while trying to detain the suspect, himself became a suspect in three points of the battery and abuse of power.

The video from the bodycamera was presented to the jury this Thursday. Based on the evidence, the jury is inclined to believe that the corporal exceeded his authority and beat, at that time, an innocent man only because the man took a step forward.

“According to official information, Sikos and his partner answered a call about a possible burglary at a construction site last September,” reports.

The video shows that there is a tense dialogue between the officer and the suspect, during which an unidentified unarmed man takes a step towards the policeman and is instantly thrown back with a push. Sikos then screams that the suspect has been arrested and presses the man to the ground.

“These charges are in their infancy and we look forward to the opportunity to defend the indictment at the appropriate time in a court of law," attorney Jacob Stuart Jr. said to NBC 6.

Orlando police chief did not disclose the details of the investigation and only stated that immediately after the start of the investigation, Sikos was sent on paid leave.

Corp. Frank Sikos has been serving in Orlando Police for 20 years.


Author: Usa Really