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Read between black and white


Greetings to all our listeners! Last week was rich in various high-profile events that I would like to talk about today.

Fast facts.

I would like to start the expulsion of a Texas student because of, frack, hairstyles! It's beginning to feel like that a stable society lives in the present, and officials who have a drop of power - in the time of Hitler.

So, Deandre Arnold was suspended due to dreadlocks a few months before graduation. Plunging into history, we know that he’s had his hairstyle for almost all his life and no one ever told him to get a haircut.

The school principal, trying to somehow avoid public lynching by the mass media, said that this dress code has existed for 30 years, only forgot to tell Deandre about this. And no matter how I wanted to avoid big words, but here we can see a pure racism.

Continuing the theme of racial differences, recently a policeman from Miami. A small amendment, a policeman accused of corruption and smart-assness, firmly stated that he was black. And, obviously, this news would not have appeared in our weekly digest, if not for one “BUT” - he is white.

The bottom line is that during the exams for promotion, in one of the forms, the cop indicated the skin color - black, believing that there was some bias towards whites. Naturally, he was caught in a lie, but he did not perform any plastic surgery in order to at least become “dark” a little. And it’s worth remembering that only transgender people can identify with who they are not, without aftermath.

And we smoothly step on the path of meaningless laws and gender reassignment. In Iowa, the convicted pedophile is released, because after changing sex, authorities believe that he no longer poses a threat to society.

The local prosecutor’s office associates the criminal’s decreased testosterone level (to the woman’s level) with a low probability of a repeated sexual offense. The question arises: the judicial system does not consider at all how many women commit sexual violence against minors? I think we will leave this to the conscience of the Iowa authorities.

And now we turn to the sad news from Arizona. No matter how sad it may sound, the law enforcement authorities of Tempe managed to stop and arrest the "Penis Men." The people have already dubbed him a national hero and a fighter with the corrupt power of the city.

Actually, the outcome of the story, 25 special forces soldiers raided the housing complex due to several dozen "Penis Men" graffiti. Apparently someone at the Tempe City Hall was seriously worried that he had sent 25 armed riot policemen because of the drawings on the walls.

And I would like to finish our podcast with news about the US space forces. And yes, looking back at Los Angeles, flooded with homeless people and crime, New York and San Francisco, suffering for the same reasons, the US government seriously intends to sponsor a new kind of army.

In addition to the fact that the space forces will be in camouflage, this already sounds funny, but from bad to worse, the logo of the space forces was kindly borrowed from the space saga – Star Trek.

In the end, I would like to wish everyone good health, if you are not aware, a deadly virus is raging in China and at least five people in America have already been diagnosed with this coronavirus. So be careful and, in general, do not go to China!


Author: Usa Really