Victim in Barrington Plaza fire in West Los Angeles dies two days after rescue
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Victim in Barrington Plaza fire in West Los Angeles dies two days after rescue


The fire in the Barrington Plaza apartment building that happened Wednesday ended up with death of one man.

One of the victims, a 19-year-old male was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where he later died. The man’s identity was not published. No other details were provided.

The fire in the 25-story high-rise broke out on the sixth floor at about 8:30 a.m. Fire Department’s alert noted that some people had attempts to leap from the building to escape but eventually were rescued.

"We let them know to stay there," Los Angeles Deputy Fire Chief Armando Hogan told reporters. "No one jumped. There are no fatalities."

One of the resident of the neighboring apartments said that the apartment in which the fire began didn’t have an actual key and had a coded key, so the place was apparently used as an Airbnb. However, official with the Los Angeles Fire Department didn’t confirm the information that the fire erupted exactly in that unit.

The same resident also told the reporters that when he and his wife were already out of the building he witnessed the resident of another neighboring apartment getting ready to jump out of the window. But fortunately was also rescued by the firefighters who ha prepared a trap.

Eleven people were injured in all, six of them suffering smoke inhalation, authorities said. Two firefighters were also injured, but suffered minor burn injures. The fire was taken under control two hours after it erupted. Arson investigators were at the scene.

Author: Usa Really