US Marshal caught red-handed while sniffing underwear of a 3-year-old girl
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US Marshal caught red-handed while sniffing underwear of a 3-year-old girl


“Goddamnit,” said a former federal agent when he saw a nanny-cam filming him sniffing the dirty underwear of a 3-year-old girl.

"50-year-old Deputy U.S. Marshal David Timothy Moon was indicted on two counts of felony trespassing with sexual motivation. He later made a plea deal for misdemeanor trespassing," reports ABC 15 Arizona.

The incident occurred last May in Phoenix. The victim’s parents, put up a house for sale and during this period, Moon, sneaked into the house when there was no one there. But, obviously, his main goal was not to inspect the interior decoration or arrangement of the rooms. His main desire was to satisfy himself by smelling children's dirty underwear.

Later, when the investigation was at full drive, authorities revealed that the suspected federal agent “threw out his computer”, he did not bother to clear the history of his Google account and a video was revealed called “girls doing gymnastics”, which also prompted experts and the police to Moon's "unhealthy inclinations."

The court, as always, ignored the potential danger posed by Timothy Moon, but only took into account “extenuating circumstances”, in the form of the absence of crimes in the past and service in the ranks of federal agents.

Judge Cooper also dismissed the words of prosecutors who were convinced of the need for “an assessment of his mental health” and appropriate treatment.

"The court believes that he is sincere in his remorse," she said.

The result of this case was that, as a federal agent, it is possible to pose a threat to society and, especially for young children, but by admitting guilt in trespassing, you can avoid prison.




Author: Usa Really