Trans-woman with bristle was beaten by a biological male while trying to enter the women's toilet
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Trans-woman with bristle was beaten by a biological male while trying to enter the women's toilet


Fred Constanza was convicted on three counts of criminal charges, including first-degree bias crime, second-degree assault and harassment for transgender Lauren Jackson.

The incident occurred last August at Agate State Beach Park near Newport, Oregon. According to eyewitnesses, Constanza deliberately made his way through the park to prevent Jackson from entering the women's restroom.

Police reports indicate that the attacker struck 10 in the victim's face, also breaking several facial bones. Then he grabbed by the hair and held until the police arrived, and he did not suspect that he would be accused of assaulting a woman, although by all indications he looked like a man.

In the photo taken immediately after the incident, Lauren Jackson's face shows blood flowing down the bushy bristle. Obviously, the jury decided that everyone can recognize a woman in a hirsute man with a manly face, so at the end of January they passed a guilty verdict.

The 37-year-old defendant has not admitted his guilt in this case and is still being held in Lincoln County, Oregon.

A terrifying trend has swept the overly tolerant society. One need only pay attention to how the media, the judiciary and a liberal society sagged under the sexual minorities.

"Do you have to take away somebody else's rights in order to protect someone's rights? Is one more important than the other? I don't know. I don't feel safe using the men's restroom. And other people don't feel safe having me in the women's restroom," Jackson said, according to CNN .

The white heterosexual man is now deprived of the presumption of innocence, in the eyes of society he will always retain the image of a slave owner and an oppressor. The black population, which has come far ahead in crime rate, is increasingly insisting that it is being persecuted solely because of its color. The same thing happens with transgender people or gays, if you come into conflict with them, then the media will unanimously indicate that this is a hate crime and all related circumstances will be ignored.

Image: Dane B. McFadhen

Author: Usa Really