San Francisco: Copropolis
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San Francisco: Copropolis

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The downtown area of Democratic stronghold San Francisco has become a pile of garbage, feces and used drug needles. An NBC Bay Area investigation found trash in 153 of the blocks surveyed, over 300 piles of feces and more than 100 used drug needles within 41 blocks.

“These are the best and worst states to start an LGBTQ family in the US” according to Gay Star Family twitter, which names California and San Francisco as the best place to start a gay family. Chad Felix Greene, the author of Reasonable Gay and Almost Jewish, tweeted:

Why is Greene convinced LGBTQ people should choose a city full of human waste to raise a family?. E. Stanley Thurston ( @mrgoody_2_shoes ) tweeted that “San Francisco is beautiful, just dont mind the giant bags of feces, and step over the used hypodermic needles!”

Reddit user posted a screenshot of San Francisco's Citizen app for identifying crimes. "Twenty pounds of feces dumped onto sidewalk," the report says.

San Francisco: Copropolis

SFGate reported that 20 pounds of human waste were dropped on a San Francisco street corner and provided the picture.

San Francisco is the second-most expensive US city to live in. It is also a hub for many popular companies:

  • Airbnb, Inc.
  • Uber Technologies Inc.
  • Wells Fargo & Company
  • GAP Inc.
  • PG&E Corp.
  • Twitter Inc.
  • Slack Technologies

Other tech giants like Facebook and Google are located in San Francisco's bay area. Since the beginning of the year, over 16,000 human waste related complaints have been filed with city authorities.

San Francisco residents can make non-emergency ‘311’ municipal complaints through a website and a mobile app. Doing a search of the complaints on the site with the terms s/*t, human waste, feces, excrement produced shocking results. Here are some of the complaints:

“Along curb and also under this car, s/*t and piss”

San Francisco: Copropolis

“Another corner at Antonio hell way with jones. Big s/*t”

San Francisco: Copropolis

“Human feces between mailboxes and glass windows at post office.”

San Francisco: Copropolis

“Human feces 5 Lapidge Street”

San Francisco: Copropolis

“A bus stop covered with human excrements. Please power wash”

San Francisco: Copropolis

“Poop in street”

San Francisco: Copropolis


San Francisco: Copropolis

“Inside Antonio alleyway Human waste is smothering us we can't breath inside our own home.”

San Francisco: Copropolis

The complainants connect the garbage, needles and human waste with the city’s homeless problem. This comes as no surprise considering the rent in the city averages at over $3,500 per month. A massive gulf separates the rich and the poor, where wealthy tech employees stand on one side and thousands of homeless on the other.

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