Modern slavery for the workers in the United States and no one can defend their rights
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Modern slavery for the workers in the United States and no one can defend their rights


The United States today represents the brightest example of the modern “civilized” slavery, as 1 percent of the American population possesses more wealth than the other 99 percent. At the same time, most American citizens work hard and a lot, and get just enough to pay for loans and have a little money for food.

Why does it happen like that?

Because an American worker has more rights than a black slave on the cotton plantation in the XIX century. Amazon company is the most obvious example of that, whose employees at the warehouses and workshops don’t have the right not only to visit lavatory but also communicate with each other during the work hours, even if it doesn’t disrupt the performing of their direct duties.

It can be explained in many ways by that the U.S.A. is one of the most loyal labor legislation to the employer in the world.

The American employer isn’t obliged to provide the workers with sick leave, to organize their travel to the place of work, if the company is far from the city, it isn’t even required to provide the worker with a paid leave or leave to care for a child.

In fact, the government doesn’t meddle the relationships between the employer and the worker. Even the working day can be normalized solely for the employer's reasons.

Of course, some may ask why don’t the American workers stand for their rights in the labor unions? It is simply because these organizations are destroyed practically in all fields of the American economy, and the existing unions of teachers of the separate districts or librarians never even change a thing at all.

The only professional union that provides support for its workers is the police labor union. But to be completely honest not only the policemen but and the people of other specialties pay contributions to the union. Because there are always people wanting to pay off from the Police in America.

Author: Usa Really