Pro-Choice Women Begin a “Sex Strike”
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Pro-Choice Women Begin a “Sex Strike”

Emma McIntyre

WASHINGTON — July 6, 2018

The “strike” was co-organized by Harper’s Bazaar journalist and pro-choice advocate Jennifer Wright, who posted an announcement on twitter to conduct demonstrations with the slogan "We favor abstinence."

This protest was the first significant event to demand abortion rights be protected in the United States in resistance to the likely possibility of a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wright urged women to stop entering relationships and conceiving children with men who do not support a 'woman’s right to choose' abortion.

She asked women to use a female judge emoji in their dating profiles on social networks along with the hashtag #Lysistrata2018 to state their participation.

Other women on twitter showed their support for Jennifer Wright's cause:

The hashtag comes from an Ancient Greek play by Aristophanes in which  "women refuse to sleep with their warring husbands until they agree to a truce."

“Sex strikes like these have proven surprisingly effective at creating political change through history,” Wright wrote in a subsequent post.

The activists fear's stem from the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the U.S. Supreme Court, who actively championed abortion rights.

The retirement is effective  as of July 31, setting the wheels in motion for President Donald Trump to name his replacement.

Since 1973, pro-life advocates have been waiting for the day that a majority pro-life Supreme Court would overturn Roe v Wade. Although the high court has been closely divided over the years, it has consistently voted in favor of abortion by one vote.

Abortion rights have become a key issue of the U.S. political divide,  and the final frontier for many liberals. Now they fear they could loose big this on this issue, and  that a judge appointed by President Trump could make that lose permanent.

The selection process follows a democratic and careful procedure. Last week Trump promised to choose a nominee from a list of 25 conservative leaders, most of whom already are judges on federal circuit courts and state supreme courts.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin predicted that abortion would soon become illegal in many states within months of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Toobin tweeted: “Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Abortion will be illegal in twenty states in 18 months”, and there is good reason to believe this will be the case: since the start of his 2016 campaign, Trump has embraced anti-abortion groups and vowed to appoint federal judges who will favor efforts to roll back abortion rights.

 Pro-choice groups are already lobbying the U.S. Senate heavily to oppose any conservative nominee to the court. Some have been sending coat hangers to U.S. Senators’ offices.

All that is left for pro-choice activists is to hold meetings and protests and wait for the results. It is possible that following the appointment of Trump's nominee,  activists will turn toward illegal abortion methods.

“Pro-abortion women are starting a sex strike to save abortion — and if you aren’t smacked by the irony of that, something is wrong with you.” The Daily Wire concluded.

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