CEO of large company in Arizona fired after racism against taxi driver
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CEO of large company in Arizona fired after racism against taxi driver


A fertilizer company, Agroplasma fired its president and CEO over a racist scandal. According to a published video filmed on a car video recorder, Uber heard N-word at his address after asking him to change from the front to the rear seats.

It is reported that a verbal skirmish arose on January 31st. Randy Clarke, an Arizona State University student, works as a taxi driver and that evening, at about 9 pm, Hans Berglund flatly refused to ride in the back seat.

When the quarrel reached its peak, Berglund began to threaten to cancel the trip, but the driver, trying to avoid the conflict, himself notified him that he had already returned the money, then the senior manager could not stand and brought down a hail of insults on Clarke.

"Are you fucking serious with me?" Berglund is heard saying. "Is it because I'm white? And you're a fucking nigger? You are a fucking idiot."

It is reported that Randy Clarke has personally introduced a policy not to carry single passengers in the front passenger seat due to a sexual assault in 2018.

In return, he equipped the rear space as comfortable as possible for short trips.

After the Hans Berglund scandal went public, the company said the president was relieved of his duties. In turn, Berglund tried to make amends and apologized, but neither the offended driver nor his lawyer found them sincere and demanded that the former head of the company repented face to face.

"Hans Berglund is the CEO of several enterprises and he knows that his conduct is unacceptable and that a public apology, face to face, is merited here," Clacke representative, Jarrett Maupin said in a statement Wednesday, according to ABC News. "Until he agrees to meet with us, we will make known his racist behavior. His suppliers, his business partners, whomever he does business with will hear about what he did to Mr. Clarke and what kind of a bigoted bully he is."

Uber also said it froze the Hans Berglund account indefinitely.

Author: Usa Really