NSA forced The Washington Post and BuzzFeed to remove unwanted for the State Department articles about Libya
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NSA forced The Washington Post and BuzzFeed to remove unwanted for the State Department articles about Libya


Former USA Really editor-in-chief, Alexander Malkevich, revealed details of how special services put pressure on the press in the United States, hide the truth from their citizens and from all over the world.

The Washington Post published my open letter to GNA Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj demanding the release of Russian Sociologists Maxim Shugaley and Samer Sueifan in accordance with the commitments made during the Berlin Conference.

NSA forced The Washington Post and BuzzFeed to remove unwanted for the State Department articles about Libya

Everyone knew that The Washington Post published material about a problem with our guys. We talked with journalist, with editors who prepared everything. And they were happy, satisfied and happy because they received exclusive material. They were ready to support the requirement to protect Russian researchers from terrorists. In addition to the above, no one denied that the material was published for money as a special project in order not to let down journalists and those US media workers who are at least trying to be neutral and not biased.

On the part of the Foundation for National Values Protection, all agreements were observed. The publication even received money and consent to the publication of material as part of the special project. In addition, newspaper lawyers approved the text.

But in less than two days, they contacted me and said that there were problems. Say, they cannot explain which ones, but the material needs to be removed. A little later, through my channels, I managed to find among fellow journalists that the material was removed under the pressure of representatives of the US National Security Agency. And in fact, even references to this material were cleared from the US media space, including, like any mention of what is happening in Libya. This is a shock for us: we see the American press cleaning out information about the victims of terrorists in Libya, perhaps this is due to the fact that we know who unleashed this massacre in 2011.

But it is not the end of the story. A few days later, I was contacted by journalists from the popular American online publication BuzzFeed, and sent a huge list of questions.

I gave the most detailed interview. However, the material was again very slowly written. It was not even published on the appointed date. I contacted journalists, and they also began to say that they have problems, but they will overcome them. As a result, instead of Thursday, the article was published on Friday and was exactly the opposite of the one planned. Most of what was supposed to be included into it — including my words — was simply thrown away; the meaning has cardinally changed.

The BuzzFeed reporters confirmed that before the publication of the original version of the text, which referred to censorship in the American media, they were also approached by representatives of the special services, sticking out for that the article should be changed.

In the version of the special services, it turned into a powerful anti-Russian material in which I was called a propagandist, and a spokesman for The Washington Post said that "they made a mistake" by contacting the Russians. Almost confessed!

NSA forced The Washington Post and BuzzFeed to remove unwanted for the State Department articles about Libya

On condition of anonymity, reporters say that, you see, "we will later tell the truth," we will explain what happened. But everyone makes it clear that there is tremendous pressure on American journalists. And, returning to the topic of The Washington Post, I want to recall that in the early 70s of the last century, journalists of this newspaper were able to cause a series of explosive events. In fact, they then dumped US President Richard Nixon. And now they cannot overcome the special services that prevent them from giving even neutral information. Even paid to divert suspicion from the journalists themselves. In other words, I can testify that the American censorship clutches completely squeezed the local media. I thank colleagues - ordinary American journalists who are trying to carry the truth; I have no complaints about them. But the whole picture is visible and understandable, American journalism is dying. It can be called free only at the presentation of awards and in social media.

Censorship in the United States has reached unimaginable limits if the two largest publications immediately bashfully remove their materials and spit upon their readers. The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees that the US Congress, special services and the state will never, under any circumstances, encroach on freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Apparently, the NSA just does not give a damn about the constitutional rights of Americans.

Author: Usa Really