Shooting in Boston woman's hospital ended up with one hospital employee wounded and suspect killed after police pursuit
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Shooting in Boston woman's hospital ended up with one hospital employee wounded and suspect killed after police pursuit


A “police-involved” shooting took place now in Brigham, Boston in woman’s hospital this Friday morning and ended with a parking attendant wounded. The suspect is brought down by the police when he tried to flee and hide in the nearby community.

The report of the shooting on 60 Fenwood Road came in at 9:20 a.m., according to the authority officials. The Norfolk District Attorney’s office confirmed that there was a “police-involved fatal shooting”.

The responders arrived at the scene and encountered with a suspect. And the gunfight began. The suspect was later identified as 41-year-old Jaston Root of Mattapan, who, according to the sources, had a history of mental illness.

The shooting started as six or seven shots at the busy intersection at Route 9.

“What I saw was police activity going both eastbound and westbound, converging police officers from multiple jurisdictions right by Star Market,” Retired Army Major Bob Kinder said.

The hospital said that one of their employees, a 49-year-old parking attendant was shot in the head near the hospital entrance. According to the witnesses, the doctors ran out of the hospital to help him and dragged the man inside. He remained in the hospital in critical but stable condition.

A witness said he was leaving an EKG appointment at the hospital when he “heard like an explosion.” He saw a trembling man, lying on the ground in front of the main entrance, with his hands covering both ears. The man was wearing valet’s red coat and black pants.

Meanwhile, the suspect physically assaulted an officer on the ground and fled the scene in the car.

“It was chaos, cops everywhere,” Tammy Tene, who lives across the street, said. “The police were telling everybody, ‘move back, move back.’ They were hiding behind their cars not to get shot. It was just chaos.”

She said she heard “at least 15 or 18 shots. It was like one after another. Everybody was running all over… He got in a car. The cops started chasing him.”

Police pursuit Root until his vehicle crashed on Route 9 in Chestnut Hill. Root hit a car driven by Hilary Maddox, who said she saw a car going 200 miles per hour which then went up on the curb between three other cars “smooshing” them on the way. Then Root went through intersection and crashed into a post on the other side.

The suspect got out of the car and pointed what appeared to be a firearm at the officers. He refused to drop the gun after multiple commands and the officers, including a Massachusetts State trooper, discharged their firearms.

The suspect was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Brigham & Women’s Hospital released a statement saying:

“Brigham Health is tremendously grateful to the Boston Police Department for its immediate response to today’s active shooting incident on the streets outside of our hospital. We are also grateful to our colleagues for ensuring the safety of our patients, visitors and each other. Our colleague who was injured is being cared for by our clinical team and we are confident he is in the very best hands. The hospital is returning to normal operations, but traffic around the hospital remains challenging.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wished the valet a speedy recovery. “He’s in one of the best hospitals in the world,” Walsh said.

Witness Justin Heitmann recorded video of the suspect fleeing police outside the hospital.


Author: Usa Really