102 People Shot Since July 4th Weekend in Chicago
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102 People Shot Since July 4th Weekend in Chicago


CHICAGO, IL – July 7, 2018

According to police, there have been 102 shootings and 15 fatalities in Chicago since the start of the holiday weekend. Most of the shootings happened Monday night on the South and West sides of the city.

"You just destroyed somebody's family," said one of the victim's relatives, John Davis. His uncle, 56-year-old Tyrone Burdine, was fatally shot on Tuesday, near his home, while playing with his children.

"Here comes this car speeding through the alley, shooting. My mom could have got killed; my auntie's kids could have got killed. They don't care," Davis said.

The latest reports show that Tyrone Burdine, 56, Aaron Gordon, 21, of Country Club Hills, Emilie Blum, 34, New Jersey resident, who came to Chicago to be with her friends for the Fourth of July weekend, were among those killed.

"I just don't understand how he's gone. He's gone, and there's no getting him back. No getting my baby back," said Gordon's mother Sherice Mann-Stinson.

As for Aaron Gordon, he was spending the weekend with his friends at a relative's home in Chicago when gunfire erupted in an apartment building parking lot. According to police, "a bullet intended for someone in another vehicle instead hit Gordon in the face while he sat in his car two parking spots away. The gunfire narrowly missed his 6-year-old and 8-year-old cousins, who were sitting in the back seat."

"What if they had shot them? What if it wasn't my son and it was the babies, because there were more children out there," Mann-Stinson cried.

"Mothers, I challenge you to take the guns out of your children's hands. I challenge you, women, to put the guns out of your homes," said Patricia Jones, Gordon's grandmother. "We are outliving our youth."

Detectives said they believe several of the cases might be gang-related, and alcohol was a factor in many others.

"We're not happy, I can tell you that. Definitely not happy," said First Deputy Kevin Navarro of the Chicago Police Department.

Earlier on July 4th, a CPD Police officer shot a man in broad daylight in Chicago. The shots were fired near East 79th Street and South Yates Boulevard.

Chicago police are investigating the incident.

So far this year there have been 846 unsolved shootings in Chicago. 164 people have been killed in these incidents, while another 34 have been murdered by other means.

Despite the downward general trend of murder rates across the country, Chicago remains an extremely violent city with a high murder rate.

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