Disturbing video shows 11 teens brutally beat 68-year-old man in Chicago subway
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Disturbing video shows 11 teens brutally beat 68-year-old man in Chicago subway


11 teens took part in a brutal beating of a 68-year-old man on a passenger train on Monday, which was caught on the camera.

The beating is under investigation, the Chicago Police Department said. However, no one of the attacker is in the custody because the victim is not able to identify them due to his injuries. If it goes on the same way and identification is impossible, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office “wouldn’t touch” the case, a police source said.

The incident began when one of the female teens tried to pickpocket the victim while he was asleep. But the man woke up and tried to rebuke the teen, saying “don’t even think about it.” The video shows that the girl then goes to another car and soon returns with a group of other teens, — five men and two women. They surround the man seating on the train.

One man pummels the victim, even lifting himself up on the train’s bars to repeatedly kick him in the upper body and face.

Sadly, no one of the other passengers didn’t interfere the assault, and eventually the man is left to bleed on Chicago’s red line train.

The authorities were able to interview the beaten man only when the train workers helped the man off at the Argyle station. He then was rushed to the hospital and treated for lacerations to the head and body soreness. Police documents indicate he suffered blunt force trauma.

The group of teens was later picked at the Argyle train station by the police. After the reports were taken all were released.



Author: Usa Really