Woman Provokes Social Media "Battle of the Sexes"... the Subject of the Battle? Toilet Paper.
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Woman Provokes Social Media "Battle of the Sexes"... the Subject of the Battle? Toilet Paper.


CALIFORNIA – July 7, 2018

Hana Michels is a 30-year-old comedian and writer for Macauley Culkin's website, Bunny Ears. She came up with a pretty silly way to meet and introduce herself to potential dates, but the joke perhaps went a little too far

Michels tweeted a photo of her with a toothbrush in her mouth, wrapped in a towel in the bathroom.

"This is my Tinder profile. I’ve had it for a year. 23 men have contacted me to say I’m incorrect about toilet paper" she wrote.

Instead of commenting on the girl's appearance, most men immediately concentrated on toilet paper, which they believe was facing the wrong way.

Many wrote that they would not agree to a date until she fixes the mistake.

Michels said she's been "stunned" by the number of men who've focused on this very minute detail.

"It all depends on how you tear it..if you spin the roll, then yank. You have it correct (my chosen roll position too) if you slowly and daintilly use 2 hands and cut neat squares it's better from the front. I have no life and have run the experiments. The results are repeatable." wrote Jason Linsky.

Someone even connected the situation to President Trump:

"I get typical negs and pickup lines and stuff, but the amount of responses that focus on that tiny roll of toilet paper in the background is stunning," she said.

Men usually say that she "installed it wrong and sometimes that seriously puts a damper on their attraction to me," she added.

Then the debate began. People began to join in the fight. Other women joined in the discussion as well. There are more than 1,000 comments in the thread on twitter.

Finally, Michels grew tired of enduring it and asked her friend Kenny Keil to put out a message to finally end the debate.

She said she is surprised the war still hasn't come to an end on multiple platforms.

"Ever since I pointed out that it was dudes sending me these messages about my toilet paper, women are doing it too, so I guess people are super passionate about this," she said.

"I’m always stunned at what goes viral, but I guess people want a silly culture war for a change? It’s weird! My Twitter keeps crashing," she added.

She plans to create a new twitter account as a result.

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