Philippines breaks military relations with US due to cancellation of fighter to drug trafficking visa
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Philippines breaks military relations with US due to cancellation of fighter to drug trafficking visa


Last week, the chief military adviser to the president of the Philippines announced that a military alliance between the two countries is under threat. Due to numerous precedents in the involvement of the Filipino former police chief in illegal reprisals against criminals, the United States canceled his American visa.

“The president said he is terminating the VFA,” Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said on Friday. “I asked for clarification, and he said he is not changing his decision.”

This pact provided protection and support to the US military during exercises in the Philippine Islands. But when, last month, the US government restricted Dela Rosa from entering its territory.

This fact angered the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and he immediately defended his ally, threatening to terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement. Which also opens up a field for action from China in the South China Sea.

"I'm warning you ... if you won't do the correction on this, I will terminate the ... Visiting Forces Agreement,” Duterte said late last month. “I'll end that son of a bitch.”

It is worth mentioning the methods that Rosa used during his fight against drugs in his country. According to unofficial sources, more than 4,000 suspects were killed before their guilt was announced in court. There have also been numerous reports that prisoners were brutally tortured in prisons in order to extort confession from them.

“My only sin is the extrajudicial killings,” Duterte said in 2018.


“The Philippine leader is taking aim at the 20-year-old Visiting Forces Agreement in defense of Sen. Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa, a former police chief who oversaw anti-drug operations that left at least 4,000 suspects dead over a two-year period,” The Washington Examiner reports.

Obviously, the Philippines may lose significant financial assistance, but this does not bother them, since the US government is always eager for total control on all fronts and will not let China get too close to its borders.



Author: Usa Really