American liberals manipulate the results of primaries and hasten the end of the U.S. democracy
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American liberals manipulate the results of primaries and hasten the end of the U.S. democracy


This is no longer a secret, at least for the majority of the sober thinking population in the United States, that the U.S. citizens already don’t decide, who will represent them at the presidential elections and who deserves to run the country. And it doesn’t matter what Constitution or any federal law says. And all these primaries and caucuses, initially designed exactly to serve as the realization of an idea of people’s choice, don’t work that way anymore and are carried out as a part of a show for fogging the voters’ minds.

And 2020 has already shown that all this up and running system of primaries is cracking at the seams. During the election campaign, the facts indicating the existence of fraud in the American elections were made public.

The recent Iowa primaries were marked by a huge number of violations, media distortions, and manipulations of the results. The reason is the Democratic party, sponsored by the bank elite, oligarchs and large corporations do not want to see the most popular left-socialist Bernie Sanders, as a president. According to a variety of authoritative polls, Sanders not only can easily overcome his competitors but is also able to defeat Donald Trump in the November elections.
All arsenal of dirty tricks, which before were used only in the “third world” countries, now has been used in the U.S.A. against Sanders. And that’s not wonderful, as Sanders is the only socialist, rushing to the presidency in the last several decades.

Central TV hosts openly compared Sanders' supporters to Nazis. In some Iowa polling stations, the winner was determined literally by a heads-and-tails game, with the coin always falling so that one of Sanders' competitors won.

The final results of the elections were announced with a 4-days delay, allegedly due to the mobile app’s glitch. This time was obviously enough for precinct and district election commissions to fabricate the voting data. And finally, despite the fact that according to the official information 45,842 voters voted for Sanders in Iowa, — more than for any of his competitors — almost all leading news channels declared Pete Buttigieg as the winner. Buttigieg was supported by 43,247 citizens, which is 2,568 fewer than Sanders.

The point is that the Democrats changed the voting system at the caucuses especially for the 2020 elections, and began to determine the winner by "state delegate equivalents" — conditional coefficients that have nothing to do with the citizens' real will. In other words, the Democrats are deliberately going to the most serious political Scam in American history as they are trying to use information manipulation, silencing, and direct falsifications to knock the undisputed leader out of the election race.

The payment for this unfair gameplay would surely be a total demoralization of the American voter base and Trump’s victory in November’s elections. And it would seem that the only way for the Democrats to battle Trump on even terms is to support Sanders rather than to put a spoke in his wheels. However, it is already seen that the elite of the U.S Democratic party is not going to do that.

Krystal Ball, an American political pundit, and journalist express a similar opinion, citing that the Democrats have never lowered themselves to this. Even popular conservative politician Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich noted that the American media have completely ignored the real results of the vote in Iowa and named the winner of the person, who became the second, not the first — Pete Buttigieg.

Due to such rude actions of the Democratic party, an increasing number of the American voters realize that the elections are turning into a simple farce.


Author: Usa Really