Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle
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Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle


TEXAS – July 8, 2018

On the eve of Independence Day, there were many frightening predictions from professional panic experts, conservatives and radical patriots  who are constantly waiting for dirty tricks from either from the Democrats or from the so called “deep state”.

However, the only serious news of the day was an African-American woman's attempt climb the Statue of Liberty in protest of federal immigration policies.

The whole country was watching the “rescue” operation, live broadcasts discussed the event in forums across America, collecting comments as if a Third World War had begun-- yet this excitement occurred because in reality, there was no more  serious news to discuss. There is a relatively remarkable calmness in the world today, with the exception of conservatives who remain paranoid that America is on the precipice of a serious catastrophe. They are always vigilant, constantly scanning deep political currents for signs as if they were trying to catch a black cat in a dark room. Even calm itself looks odd in their eyes, they suspect that it is simply the lull before the storm. If they can’t find hidden signs in current news, they begin digging through old sources, and naturally manage to discover exactly what they were looking for.

On July 4, laid out their next collection of "photos of the month" -  shocking pictures with allegedly hidden meanings, which were published in popular magazines during June. The top photos included pregnant men, or male models wearing artificial pregnant stomachs, with  T-shirts that read: NEW WORLD BABY. Commenting on the meaning of the shirt, the designer stated: “We’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy.” In a Teen Vogue article about this fashion show, the conclusion was: “People of all gender identities can become pregnant.” They’re truly losing it. No matter how much outright brainwashing the mass media dishes out, one undeniable fact will always remain: Only women can be pregnant. That’s it. Deal with it.

Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle

The pointed out a trend of celebrities displaying what conservatives believe to be Illuminati symbols. This sign of the “all seeing eye” was particularly prevalent throughout the last month. This is a photo of singer Dua Lipa allegedly signaling the “all seeing eye” sign combined with a rainbow signifying the MK trigger phrase “Somewhere over the rainbow”.

Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle

Conservatives believe that celebrities use this sign to demonstrate  their belonging to secret societies (a common theme on However, the latest and most explosive trend is to involve children in such conspiracies.

Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle

But the top rated news article on vigilantcitizen is not pregnant men or celebrities in the Illuminati, nor even MISS Universe Spain 2018, who used to be a man, but a piece of conceptual art which was shown at the art festival MoFo:

Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle

Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle

According to the site, the public is being accustomed to such violence step by step, until eventually everday life looking like an episode of the walking dead will hardly seem strange.

Meanwhile, another piece of news come from so called “UFOlogists”:  A powerful group of astronomers, astrophysicists, national security writers along with a media coalition including SlateNew America, and Arizona State University calling themselves “Future Tense” met for a happy hour conversation about communication with aliens. Are these well-known scientists along with figures close to government authorities really expecting contact with aliens in the near future? Why not? UFOlogiststs have reported a noticeably increase in UFO activity.

Ufosightingshotspot: On July 5, 2018 witnesses recorded unknown flashing lights in the sky over New Jersey.

According to one eyewitness, a mysterious strange blinking light could be seen in the sky. These lights were  not fireworks. The witness declared that he had never seen such a display in his life.  He believed it to be an unknown phenomenon or unknown object, or perhaps a portal in the sky over New Jersey.

Dailystar  reported on the bizarre footage which has emerged of the moment a strange cloud formation creating an 'eye of God' figure in China, leaving residents terrified.

Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle


The clip was captured on June 25, but has gone viral this week after being posted on social media in China.

Authorities have yet to give an explanation for the phenomena.

Residents of the area say they are used to seeing these kind of unexplainable events.

Last November, a phenomena in which "three suns" appeared in the sky was reported.

The Dailystar reports:  NASA scours Pacific Ocean for huge object that caused SONIC BOOM after falling from space.

On March 7, three National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather stations detected the fall of what they believed to be a meteorite around 16 miles off the coast of Washington. 

"The fall was widely seen around local areas and widely heard around local areas – it came with some loud sonic booms," Marc Fries, the cosmic dust curator for NASA told Live Science.

Brittany Bryson, who was sitting in a drive-through at a fast food restaurant when the event occurred told reporters that a bright flash filled the sky, followed by a boom so loud it rattled her car.

"We thought it was a spaceship," she admitted.

Now, four months later,  Ocean Exploration Trust is working with NOAA and NASA to locate the object. 

On July 1, the Exploration Vessel Nautilus investigated about 0.4 square miles of water in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

A day later, scientists deployed two remote-controlled submarines – the Hercules and the Argus – to investigate the seafloor. 

It is the first time scientists have intentionally attempted to recover a meteorite from the ocean. 

Since the operation began, the search uncovered two tiny fragments of molten rock which are not being analyzed.

In light of these events, conspiracy theorists are claiming NASA is trying to cover up something much larger. 

Tyler Glockner, who runs the YouTube channel secureteam10, believes too many people saw the phenomenon for the government to ignore it. 

He speculated that the event could be linked to the number of mystery booms that have been heard all over the US, from Ohio to New York. 

His video now has more than 320,000 hits and viewers were quick to share their own opinions.

"Definitely, something fishy going on," one viewer commented on. 

And another added: "Whatever it was, they're very interested in it."

Ufosightingshotspot reports: Pyramid and Arch-like objects in the skies over Michigan and Southern England.

A huge chevron/pyramid-like object has been photographed over Taylor, Michigan and it appears to be cloaked.

Zombie Cults, UFOs and Pregnant Men: Just Another Boring News Cycle

Another strange phenomenon has been filmed in the sky over Southern England on July 3, 2018.

Witnesses have no idea what the object could be, but it looked like a bridge or arch in the sky. In the video it appears strikingly as though a layer of clouds is resting on an object.

This is only a small part of the strange news that conspiracy theorists, UFOlogists and those quick to incite panic are diligently digging out, trying to fill the pause in their news feeds. Whether or not to believe in such stories is a personal choice, but we hope their hard work in reporting such phenomenon isn't simply in vein, as even the most far fetched theories have a right to find an audience.

Author: USA Really