Special offers and events for the broken-hearted on Valentine's Day in Boston
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Special offers and events for the broken-hearted on Valentine's Day in Boston


Valentine’s Day is a holiday not for everybody. How about the feelings of the broken-hearted who is left alone on this day? A Boston’s King Dining and Entertainment have cared for them too and made them a special offer they can’t refuse.

“Strike Out Your Ex!” that is what King Dining and Entertainment offers their abandoned customers on February 13 and 14. It costs only 10$ for a guest to write their ex’s name on a bowling pin and then strike them out. You can additionally get a bumble code and a Stella Artois beer.

“People have a great time with it. We’ve seen some very interesting messages on pins.” said Jenna Gabriel, Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Development. “Not too many people focus on the singles and the anti-Valentine’s Day stuff anymore….So we wanted to capitalize on that market and those folks that are sitting on their couch on Bumble, taking them off of their couch and getting them to come into Kings and have a good time.”

And that’s not all.

Burger King in Chelsea offers you to bring your ex-partner’s photo with you at 150 Everett Ave. on Valentine’s Day and get a free whopper after dropping this photo into their break-up box. Well, he dumped you, at least now you can have a freebee gobble up. Although, the shredder would have also worked perfectly.

And if you’re craving for something completely different, enjoy a candlelit crypt tour at King’s Chapel, where the stories of the couples and historic people laid to rest there will be told. The tours are sold out on Friday, but they run through the end of the month.

Author: Usa Really