More than 65 thousand people convicted of marijuana crimes in Los Angeles will be released
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More than 65 thousand people convicted of marijuana crimes in Los Angeles will be released


The historical and largest reversal of criminal sentences became known at a press conference on Thursday. The Los Angeles County Attorney said she filed a motion to quash 65,700 sentences.

Four years ago, marijuana was legalized in California and this event prompted all prosecutor offices to begin work to reduce and abolish long-term prison sentences related to marijuana.

"I've instructed by deputy district attorneys to ask the court to dismiss all eligible cannabis-related convictions," Lacey said. "I also took the will of the voters one step further. I expanded the criteria to go above and beyond the parameters of the law to ensure that many more people will benefit from this historic moment in time."

According to the motion, convicts who will be released include prisoners aged 50 and over who have not had a criminal record for a decade, as well as persons under 21 years old, even those with criminal records, reports CBS News.

In addition to dismissing the felony charges, all who are convicted will be cleared of criminal records in order to get more chances for good work and social status.

"If you have a record, you don't have to worry about even going through and having it sealed ... We're making a motion to seal it because we realize that's the issue," Lacey said. "When you go to apply for a job, you go to apply for housing and you're record comes up, even though we've expunged it, that may not give you help."

Many also associate this exemption with the recruitment of supporters in the struggle to maintain the position of the district attorney, which the former San Francisco DA George Gascon and a former federal public defender Rachel Rossie also apply for.

Primary elections will be held March 3, 2020.



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Author: Usa Really