Earlier kidnapped 6-year-old girl from South Carolina found dead after 3 days of searching
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Earlier kidnapped 6-year-old girl from South Carolina found dead after 3 days of searching


6-year-old Faye Marie Swetlik disappeared Monday afternoon. As the girl’s parents said, having come from school, she went to play in the front yard and this was the place where she was last seen alive.

All the police and volunteers in Cayce, South Carolina, set off in search of the missing girl. For three days, task forces combed nearby forests and abandoned buildings and on Thursday, authorities found the dead 6-year-old Swetlik.

In addition to the deceased girl, the corpse of an unidentified man was found in the same area. The police department has not yet linked the two cases, but does not exclude the possibility that they are somehow connected. Separate investigations are underway for both bodies found.

According to official information, Faye Marie Swetlik was found at 11 a.m. on Thursday in the same area where her family lived. The coroner's office announced that the autopsy would be performed on February 15th. At the moment, the details of death were not disclosed.

As part of the ongoing investigation, the police do not have clues or evidence that could help locate the killer kidnapper. Information about the arrests and suspects was not issued.

Lexington School District Two made an official statement on Thursday.

"We are heart-broken with news of the death of Faye Swetlik, a first-grade student at Springdale Elementary, who went missing earlier this week. When the school community experiences a tragedy like the loss of a child, it deeply affects all of us.

"Below please find information we sent to our families this afternoon. We will not have further public comment or interviews in coming days, as we focus on supporting our Springdale students, faculty and staff.

"We thank all of the law enforcement agencies that have worked tirelessly this week to bring Faye home. As this investigation is ongoing, we ask anyone who might have information that would help law enforcement to call the hotline at 803-205-4444.

“We ask everyone as well to please keep Faye and those closest to her in your thoughts.”



Author: Usa Really