United States military ‘worse than the Nazis’: former drone operator said
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United States military ‘worse than the Nazis’: former drone operator said


In the past, the operator of military drones, also known as ‘Predator ', Brandon Bryant, told The Independent about the atrocities the U.S. Army is doing in the Middle East and that they are‘ worse than the Nazis ’.

According to Bryant, he served in the US Army from 2006 to 2011 and, during this period, participated in 13 killings of civilians in Afghanistan. Now he has PTSD.

His division carried out numerous air attacks on targets that were considered priority, as a result of which more than 1,600 innocent victims fell from the Predators and their "pilots" who were thousands of miles from the terrain of attack.

On the screen of his monitor, Bryant repeatedly watched as women and children were torn to pieces after the explosion, the few who managed to stay alive after the airstrike, then suffered for several hours in terrible agony and eventually died from loss of blood and torn limbs.

“The smoke clears, and there’s pieces of the two guys around the crater. And there’s this guy over here, and he’s missing his right leg above his knee. He’s holding it, and he’s rolling around, and the blood is squirting out of his leg … It took him a long time to die. I just watched him,” Mr Bryant said in an interview with GQ.

In addition to the fact of the massacres in the territory of another country, the higher leadership also morally influenced their own operators - punishment and mockery, for them they were a regular tools.

“It broke my spirit. It went against everything I learned about being a warrior, about holding yourself to higher standards. My superiors psychologically beat me and ridiculed me to keep me in line. They took away my free time and forced me to sit in a seat or be tried under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) for disobeying orders,” Mr Bryant said. “In a sense, it was my prison. I served my time to learn and reflect. And so I hold the key now, to the entire apparatus. I just don’t know what to do with it.”

According to Brandon Bryant, the last straw was the cold-blooded murder of an Afghan child. After the destructive shell razed the building to the ground, Bryant was sure that at the time of the airstrike there was a boy inside, he later reported this to the management and received an answer that it was “a dog”.

The main message of Bryant was that the U.S. government needs to pay attention to the consequences of military service, and in particular, drone operators, who destroy countless nations in countless numbers and then suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder and remorse for many years.

“I would want people to know, beyond its existence, the consequences it has on us as a species to delineate our power into something so easily destructive. Every time we get closer to that edge, we’re going to have to realise where it places us,” Mr Bryant said.

Author: Usa Really