Virginia lawmakers backs down in fight for total disarmament
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Virginia lawmakers backs down in fight for total disarmament


The blue government of Virginia was not so powerful and omnipotent as to break the spirit of its own citizens and the US Constitution. Unlawful bill Gov. Ralph Northam failed. The multi-day rallies in Richmond convinced at least four Democrats to change their position regarding firearms and side with the Republicans in the last vote.

Despite the fact that the Virginians won the first round in the struggle for their constitutional rights, the Democrats promised a second attempt to disarm the Virginians next year.

"While we are disappointed in today’s vote, we are undeterred. Assault-style weapons, large-capacity magazines, and other accessories designed to heighten the lethality of firearms have no place in our communities," Kris Brown, President of Brady United Against Gun Violence, said in a statement. "In the meantime, the Judiciary Committee and Virginia Senate must swiftly pass the remaining seven, common-sense gun violence prevention laws before them. We need the action that voters demanded in November."


It is worth recalling that bill HB961 included a ban on the "assault weapons" ban and magazine confiscation.

Amid the massive disarmament of the population, dozens of counties and hundreds of cities declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries,” in which local sheriffs spoke on the side of ordinary Americans and said they would not seize and arrest law-abiding citizens with firearms, contrary to the unlawful requirements of the state government.

Author: Usa Really