Atheists do not want to see religious legislators at the helm of the country
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Atheists do not want to see religious legislators at the helm of the country


The National Association of Christian Lawmakers decided to conduct a survey of Americans on the presence of more Christian legislators in the elected office and the results fell short of expectations. Moreover, having seen that more than 23 thousand people voted negatively on their initiative, in the next comment, religious legislators accused Satanists and atheists of intentionally undermining the poll.

“We are aware the Satanists and Atheists have decided to pile on this poll. While you are here know this - God loves everyone and forgives all who ask Him. Salvation is available only through His Son Jesus Christ. John 3:16”.


Despite the fact that top government echelons always consisted of deeply religious politicians who did not hesitate to use religious propaganda in their political campaigns, now the situation has changed.

In recent years, the church has been losing influence over the Americans, now it’s not enough for people to believe in something abstract, fueled by empty promises of politicians, now people demand real action.

The Pew Research Center last year conducted a study that found that the Senate and House is 90 percent Christian believers. The same study shows that more than 35 percent of Americans are atheists and agnostics, reports Huff Post.

People who gathered in the comments under the survey on Twitter are at a loss for such a one-sided approach to studying the issue. Many strongly do not recommend mixing politics and religion, but acting in the interests of society as a whole.

Given how many nationalities and religions are currently in the United States, such a survey leaves more questions than answers.


Author: Usa Really