Americans gathered in front of Zuckerberg’s house demand to stop the political lie on Facebook
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Americans gathered in front of Zuckerberg’s house demand to stop the political lie on Facebook


Dozens of people dissatisfied with Facebook management besieged the residence of the founder of the social media, Mark Zuckerberg in San Francisco, demanding to stop using personal data for their own selfish purposes.

Many Americans blame the multibillionaire of the corruption and speculation with personal information of users for targeted political advertising.

“Right now political campaigns can target their ads so precisely that they can pinpoint them to reach specific voters,” said in a statement.

The rally was accompanied by the inscriptions “Wake the Zuck Up! Zuck sold out democracy. Don’t sell my private data. ”

Along with multiple accusations of collecting and using personal data of Americans, the Protestants also did not pass over tons of misinforming services owned by Facebook.

A statement on the activists' website says that Zuckerberg and his company intentionally do not remove political advertising from their social network, thereby jeopardizing the upcoming elections.

"This year's US presidential elections are in jeopardy—in part because San Francisco Bay Area technology company Facebook refuses to take responsibility for the lies, hate, and disinformation that are being spread using its platform,” said in a statement. "Facebook refuses to take down advertisements by US politicians that feature even the most blatant falsehoods. It freely allows microtargeting that directs disinformation at vulnerable communities that is hidden from everyone else. And its efforts to stop the spread of toxic lies and hate are too little, too late."

In addition to the San Francisco protest, people also rebelled against Facebook in Palo Alto, near Mark Zuckerberg’s second house. Activists expressed their protest by posting a huge banner with the inscription "Truth Matters" over the highway.

Earlier, the popular writer Stephen King expressed his dissatisfaction, who decided to simply remove his account from a rotten social media amid the political sham that Facebook arranged.

"Facebook should fact check advertisements placed by politicians and political campaigns. In other words, it should hold these political ads to the same standards it applies to advertisements that are not placed by politicians. As Facebook employees said in an open letter to company leadership, “Misinformation shared by political advertisers has an outsized detrimental impact on our community.” If you or I lied in an advertisement on Facebook, it would immediately be taken down."

Author: Usa Really