An inveterate criminal is arrested three times in one day due to stupid laws
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An inveterate criminal is arrested three times in one day due to stupid laws


The Troy Police is unable to counter lawlessness due to the recent bail reform. The Troy Police Union is troubling and requires change, as criminals like Scott Nolan are no longer afraid of detention. According to the current legislation, even with a long list of criminal charges, a person can commit three crimes in 7 hours, be detained three times and released twice in one day.

Returning to history, Scott Nolan can already be considered a permanent resident of police stations. According to the police, if they would print the entire criminal biography of Nolan, they'll get fifty pages.

And yesterday’s triple crime only confirms that the public is in constant danger, since the US justice system is aimed exclusively at “punishment,” and not at “prevention”.

Yesterday, Scott Nolan made a series of attacks involving shoplifting at 9am, then 5 hours later an assault on a man and a couple of hours later an attack on another man using a brick as a weapon. During the first two detentions, Nolan was released with an appearance ticket. And only after the police classified the last attack as second degree attempted assault and third degree criminal possession of a weapon, Nolan remained in custody.

"They just basically become a reactive instead of a proactive police department," says Nicholas Laviano, the President of Troy's Police Union, according to WRGB 6 News.

Scott Nolan is currently being held in the Rensselaer County Jail. The next hearing is scheduled for February 21.



Image: WRGB 6 News

Author: Usa Really