An angry mob expels pro-gun activist from Ohio University
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An angry mob expels pro-gun activist from Ohio University


On Monday, there was a “conflict of interest” between gun rights advocate Kaitlin Bennett and a raging crowd of left-wingers, who were constantly threatening and attacking Bennett and her supporters.

As planned by the activist, she wanted to exercise her First Amendment right and take a poll of passers-by for Liberty Hangout, but unexpectedly, an indescribable number of people filled the space around Bennett.

Many threw hot drinks at the girl, insulted and humiliated her. In the video from the scene, dozens of people shout “Go home! Go home! Go home! ”


And although campus police did not find the rally aggressive, the video shows how the vast majority of the liberal crowd throw toilet paper and shout humiliation against activists.

Immediately after the event became highly publicized, the police distorted the events, as if everything was calm and the rights of all the protesters were protected.

In a letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, Kaitlin Bennett requested that Ohio University be cut off from the federal budget.

Bennett posted another tweet yesterday that promised to return to campus, but this time with an army of armed supporters of the Second Amendment, to see if the unarmed crowd would also aggressively attack them.


Author: Usa Really