Former High-School Worker Accused of Making Child Pornography With an Underage Boy
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Former High-School Worker Accused of Making Child Pornography With an Underage Boy


RACINE, WISCONSIN — July 9, 2018

A worker at a high school worker is accused of making a sex tape with an underage boy, she has since been fired.

Amanda M. Eckblad, 22, of the 2100 block of Clarence Avenue, is charged with having sex with a 17-year-old Damarrion M. Rockette and shooting cellphone video of it. Because of his age, that video is considered child pornography.

Eckblad's social media indicates she had been a youth delinquency intern, a shelter parent and a high school engagement worker at Case High School.

As an ACE Youth Worker in 2017, Amanda has been working with youth sentenced in the Alternatives to Corrections Program at Racine Juvenile Detention Center.

A Racine Unified School District spokeswoman told WISN 12 News that Eckblad worked in the truancy abatement program at Case High School last school year and won't be coming back. In a statement, Racine Unified School District said Eckblad would not be returning to any district school.

According to the criminal complaint, Eckblad shared a home with the boy, and now she's been ordered to have no contact with him.

Eckblad said she considered the 17-year-old boy her “significant other”.

"Further, we're asking for no unsupervised contact with anybody under the age of 17. Your honor first of all, we're looking at a mandatory minimum, thus we believe there's a real threat that future court appearances may be compromised," Racine County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Coaty said, according to WISN 12 NEWS.

Amanda is already facing a felony charge for allegedly purchasing a handgun for a convicted felon. According to Racine County Law Enforcement, Amanda was first arrested on May 17, 2018.

While investigating an April 25 shots fired incident, an investigator was informed that Eckblad may have purchased the gun recovered at the scene. Records at Dunham’s Sports confirmed Eckblad bought the firearm on April 24.

When questioned, Eckblad reportedly admitted to buying the gun for a 17-year-old convicted felon, Damarrion M. Rockette, who was charged in connection to the incident. She told investigators that Rockette waited outside in her car while she bought it, according to the criminal complaint.

Texts on Eckblad’s phone also reportedly show she told friends that Rockette called her from jail and instructed her to tell police the gun was stolen.

Eckblad remains jailed on $25,000 bail and is scheduled to be back in court Friday.

She could face more than 25 years in prison if convicted.

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