UPS worker who planned mass shooting arrested and police found wepaons in his home
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UPS worker who planned mass shooting arrested and police found wepaons in his home


Sunday, the California law enforcement officers searched the home of a UPS worker who promised to make a mass shooting and discovered the stock of weapons.

32-year-old Thomas Andrews was arrested on Sunday for evading police, driving under influence and several weapon violations, according to Sunnyvale police.

Everything started when the authorities received a tip on Sunday night that Andrews was preparing a mass shooting. It was reported that he was texting threatening massages to his employer at the UPS facility in the city of Sunnyvale.

A failed traffic stop, at around 11 p.m. PT, during which the officers tried to pull Andrews' car over eventually wound up to a little pursuit on one of the state’s main thoroughfares. But when the officers finally stopped him, they searched his apartment.

“Initially he indicated he wanted to fight with the officers, but then he surrendered without injury,” Sunnyvale police Capt. Dan Pistor said.

During the serach, the detectives found thousands of rounds of ammunition, high capacity magazines, a shotgun, three handguns, five rifles and tactical backpacks with ammunition win Andrews' apartment. Now the investigators are trying to figure out how Andrews obtained the weapons.

It’s not confirmed if Andrews has a lawyer. The motives for his planned shootings are also unclear at the moment.

A UPS spokesman said the company was aware of the situation and is cooperating with authorities but declined to comment further.

Author: Usa Really