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This is not suitable for liberal media


Hello! Our weekly podcast is back and in today's episode we will talk again about the latest hottest and most controversial news in the United States.

I would like to say right away that the issue will affect news about firearms, LGBT people, mass shooting, although for some reason the major media are silent about this, a little politics and, of course, police lawlessness.

I would like to start with a very bright, gun news from Idaho. Amid the constant disputes over the disarmament of the American population, an 11-year-old girl decided to support her grandfather, who spoke before the House panel at the Idaho Statehouse and, of course, protect the Constitution.

After the republican state imposed restrictions on concealed weapons last year, local residents decided to demonstrate in this way that the child is also protected by the constitution and should have the right to carry firearms.

Following my podcast plan, I’ll tell you the news about a blackmailer woman from Indianapolis who threatened to reveal the gay relationship of two men if they did not pay her 5 thousand dollars.

She even recorded a video where she told how she had sexual relations with one of this gay couple. And she demanded money for her silence. And after posting the video on her Facebook, according to the woman, she began to receive threats.

Some time later, a woman was shot in her car. Authorities are currently trying to unravel this crime. And although now it is not clear what exactly the woman died of, from a shot or from a collision with another car due to a bullet wound, it can be clearly said that critics of the LGBT movement should be afraid of reprisal.

Now let's move on to mass shooting, which is not suitable for liberal media. Guess why? Because the shooter was African American, and it all started not because of racial hatred, but because he was fired.

Short retelling: A resident of Milwaukee, killed five or six people, former colleagues, and then fired a bullet in his forehead. And this story did not resonate, because left-wing politicians who set the goal of disarming the Americans do not want to pay the media for a story that does not fit into the general picture and, therefore, is not suitable as an instrument in the political arena.

Speaking of politics, remember this circus that the Trump opposition staged, accusing the president of having ties to Russia in the 2016 elections. So now Trump went on the offensive, and as it turned out not in vain. The US president filed a lawsuit against The New York Times for defamation and conspiracy with the Democratic Party against him.

Unlike Mueller’s report, Trump has the evidences of how corrupt media deliberately and systematically denigrated the US president. I suggest you visit our site to study the article in more details.

So, let me tell you about the cops, who have too many opinions about themselves. Perhaps I will combine the two news into one. The case concerns two police officers from Orlando and from Colorado. Both apparently had a lack of arrests for a month, so they decided to include children, ordinary schoolchildren among the criminals. One of them turned out to be a 6-year-old girl and a couple of friends who played toy guns on the street.

I can only say that the justice system has worked only 50 percent. The cop who arrested a 6-year-old schoolgirl, in front of teachers and classmates, was fired from law enforcement agencies a couple of days later, which is a good news.

But Colorado failed his society. Due to a complaint about plastic pistols, two 10-year-old boys fought for almost a year to get the Five Class Felony charges dropped.

The penultimate news of our rating was the prisoner's attempt to take advantage of the new red flag law and ban the sheriff from Colorado from having weapons in prison. But this is Colorado. It would be worth remembering that people not in uniform have no influence in this state.

In the end, I would like to tell how a resident of Los Angeles got into, let's say, an unusual situation. I think it’s no secret to anyone that California and New York are the two dirtiest cities with sky-high taxes and housing prices. It follows from this that there are myriad of homeless people.

What are local authorities doing to solve the problem? Nothing. They simply shift their work onto the shoulders of the inhabitants of these cities. You can read more about the situation in our article. I can only say that if the homeless have settled on your property, then you, as a taxpayer, can go to jail when you try to drive them out or throw their junk away.


Author: Usa Really